2018 AGM Agenda Item 8.1




There are two primary methods of scoring in squash:

  1. Hand-in Hand-out, which is what has traditionally been used in squash and requires a player to be serving to win a point, and
  2. Point-a-Rally (PAR), under which every rally, unless a let is played, results in a player winning a point.


The ACT is the only State or Territory in Australia that remains on the Hand-in Hand-out scoring system, with all other states having progressed to PAR over recent years.


The ACT Masters Squash Committee has considered the benefits and drawbacks of both systems. While most committee members still enjoy the traditional Hand-in Hand-out, there is some thought that it may be appropriate to transition to PAR.


Proposed change: ACT Masters Squash to adopt Point-a-Rally (PAR) scoring for all future competitions, with the default position being that the game will go to 15 points, with the winner having to win by 2 points. Noting that for events such as the March Tournament, the scoring system may vary at the discretion of the ACT Masters Committee.


Note: The World Squash Federation Rules of Squash stipulates games should be played to 11 points. However, if the proposed change was adopted, electing to play to 15 points will ensure game times would be more aligned to the current Hand-in Hand-out scoring system.