2017 Annual General Meeting Minutes – Draft

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 3 April 2017 Woden Club Rooms


Present: Virginia Buring, Linda Barich, Ron Smith, Mark Young, Tania Hancock, Greg

Garratt, Jenny Moylan, Michael de Nardi, Rhonda Fry, Richard Fry, Ron Bates, Robert

Issell, Vicky Caban, Donna Chalmers, Julie Medway, Bill Spaven, Sue Virgona, Michael

Barrett, Amy Stevens, Frank Cortes, Frank Cassidy, David Baussmann, Mark Bowen,

Antoinette Hermer, Fane Cottam-Manning, Garry Poole, Betty Summerfield, Wayne

Alford, Elaine Gray, Haydn Daly, Denis Mettam, Sue Parker, Minh Pham, George

Komorowski, Julie Hanson (35)

Apologies: Scott Caban


1.         WELCOME

The President opened the meeting at 10:00pm and welcomed all to the 2017 Annual General Meeting (AGM). He expressed a vote of thanks to the outgoing committee for their contribution to the running of the competitions and associated events.  He also thanked Jenny Moylan and Michael de Nardi for the provision of supper.



Minutes of the AGM held on 4 April 2016 were previously circulated to members and copies were available at the meeting.


It was resolved  that the Minutes be accepted as a true and accurate record of the AGM held on 4 April 2016. (Moved Ron Smith, seconded George Komorowski).




Referee training. The President reported that, while this action hasn’t been completed, the committee is looking at a number of options for addressing the issues that have arisen during the year re refereeing:

  • face-to-face referee training for all players, with points being awarded to each player who attends.
  • some posters with the basic rules, which could be displayed around each centre
  • a semi-regular handout that covers any rules issues that might be topical from time to time.

The President also stressed the critical importance of the professional attitude of players to referee decisions. Whether they agree with them or not the decision should always be accepted with good grace.




Mark Young spoke to the report which appears at Attachment A.


It was resolved (Ron Bates/Sue Parker) that the President’s Report be accepted.




Ron Smith spoke to the financial statements for the 2016 year in the terms which appear in Attachment B. Copies of the statements were available at the meeting.


It was resolved (Richard Fry/Donna Chalmers) that the Treasurer’s Report for the year ending December 2016 be accepted.




The President vacated the chair and called upon Frank Cassidy to be the Returning Officer.


The Returning Officer declared all positions vacant.  He called for nominations for the Executive and Committee positions as follows:


President: there was one nomination for President.  Mark Young nominated by Ron Smith, seconded Jane Cottam-Manning.  Elected unopposed.


Vice President: there was one nomination for Vice President.  Alan Martin nominated by Mark Young, seconded Jane Cottam Manning. Elected unopposed.


Treasurer: there was one nomination for Treasurer.  Ron Smith nominated by Mark Young, seconded Jane Cottam Manning. Elected unopposed.


Secretary: there was one nomination for Secretary.  Virginia Buring nominated by Jane Cottam Manning, seconded Jenny Moylan. Elected unopposed.


Committee Members: the following committee members were all declared elected: Heather Campbell, Sue Parker, Scott Caban, Richard Horlock, Jane Cottam-Manning, Linda Barich, Michael Barrett and Denis Mettam.


Mark Young resumed the Chair as President and thanked Frank Cassidy for acting as the Returning Officer.




The Treasurer noted that Mr Malcolm Prentice no longer wishes to act as the

ACTMSA Auditor. He moved that Luana King, who has indicated her willingness to undertake the role, be appointed for the year ending 31 December 2017.  Seconded by Virginia Buring.  Motion carried.




The President presented commemorative clocks to Bill Spaven, Haydn Daly and Betty Summerfield in celebration of these three continuing to play squash at the age of 70.


Denis Mettam raised a question about how to recruit reserves who are willing to play and to get players committed to playing and organising replacements when required.  Haydn Daly recommended working more closely with Squash ACT and approaching their players as they near 35.  Ron Bates suggested setting up a reserves coordinator. This job is currently undertaken by Alan Martin and Jane Cottam Manning as the joint competition secretaries. Another suggestion was advertising regularly in the Chronicle Billboard.


This matter will be referred to the incoming committee.


The AGM was closed at 10:57pm.