President’s Report 2012

President’s Report 2012 AGM

Thanks to the committee for another outstanding year – our competition would not be possible without the commitment and energy all of the committee brings. So my most sincere thanks to all of the outgoing committee for your individual roles and the additional tasks you have all taken on over the year.

Special thanks to outgoing committee members not seeking re-election:

– Lyn Dunmore – Competition secretary for the past few years and really, the players often do not realise the amount of work that goes into getting each and every comp. up and running and keeping it on track, with replacement players where teams are left in the lurch, with players withdrawing and the occasional shuffles where gradings have not been quite right. Lyn has been an invaluable committee member and many here will remember her from SRA committees and competition committees as well as her role on the Masters Committee over a very long period of time. I want to take this opportunity to put to the AGM that Life Membership of ACT Masters be extended to Lyn – I have not signalled this nomination with the committee but I’m taking the step as President so that Lyn’s efforts are remembered. All those in favour?

– Virginia Buring – Secretary for the past three years (and committee member for 2 years before that) and a very energetic Committee member and Secretary. Virginia never fails to put her hand up and volunteer when something needs doing. But now Virginia will be able to spend more time with her husband Terence and her children and grandchildren without the added burden of committee work. Happy Kayaking Virginia and thank you.

– Jenny Bedlington – long term committee member and previous Secretary Jenn is well known to many of you and it was Jenn, along with Lyn and Sue Parker who convinced me to get involved with the Committee some 7 years ago. Thanks Jenn, I think, but seriously, thanks for all your efforts on the Committee and off the court.

– Richard Horlock – a stalwart of the committee Richard has given his time in organising sponsorship, helping with the grading for competitions, working like a trojan at the March tournaments with catering and raffles and sponsorship and organising the Open grade players for the past 3 March Tournaments

– Mal Riley – Mal has been outstanding at organising sponsorship and bringing sponsors on board for us. Many of our current sponsors would not be with us without Mal’s ongoing efforts so Mal, thank you on behalf of the committee and the players.

It is such a shame that we are losing Lyn, Jenn, Mal and Virginia to injury that has seen them retire or at least take a lengthy break from the game and the club and Richard who, in his own words, just wants a rest but will help where-ever the committee needs him too. The March Tournament and the 2013 Championships beckon and we will be calling on Richard to work his magic there as well.

2011/2012 has been a busy year for the committee, we have had a number of successes that I would like to touch on:

– the March Tournament this year was an outstanding success and that is thanks to the efforts of Ron Smith, Sue Parker, Virginia Buring and Richard Horlock and the cast of what seemed like an unending list of volunteers who gave freely of their time, Jenny Moylan, Mike Di Nardi, Jo Hogan, Elaine Gray, Lyn Dunmore, Mick Bailey, Alan Martin and Gary Irwin.  Without their individual and collective efforts the weekend would not have been the success it was. 138 players, the draw redone 4 times in the last day before play commenced and all done and dusted by 3pm Sunday afternoon. Excellent work by all concerned.

– our Sponsors, Rolfe Mazda, Travel Associates, the Real Estate Shop, AnyTime Towing, Roger Keft Auto, Capital Landscape Group, Visual Q, Simpson Optometry, Superb Property Management and to additional; sponsors who come to the fore during our March Tournament, Rolfe Mazda, Trugold Fyshwick Markets, Hawker Bakery, Mick Bailey, Deli Mart Fyshwick Markets all thanks to Richard Horlock. While thanking sponsors and those who commit so heavily to the comp and to tournaments, I must thank Jenny Moylan and Mike De Nardi for the suppers they prepare for the finals nights every comp and for tonight’s AGM and Jo Hogan and Elaine Gray who always seem to be there when extra hands are required during the first weekend in March. Lyn and Jenn Bedlington for running the desk at Weston Creek and Alan Martin for jumping in to help at Woden and to all the other volunteers who I may have missed giving a personal vote of thanks but please be assured that I and the committee appreciate all your work and your commitment.

– we should also record for the Minutes our appreciation for the work Howie Johns has done for us in developing the new Masters Website it really is the best Masters site in Australia today.

– preparation for the 2013 National Championships is well advanced and that is due to the significant efforts of the sub committee and those who have offered to help and provide expertise and skills in a myriad of different ways to help us host the 2013 Championships.

– I think we are welcoming 2012/2013 in much better shape and with administrative arrangements and organisational requirements in place. That also is testament to the energy and conviction of your committee.

– our budget is in good shape thanks to careful management and forward planning. On current projections we will be well placed financially to host the best National Championships in 2013.

– player numbers are up with many new players coming to Masters – this season we are at capacity for two centres on Monday nights, that really is a significant thing for ACT Masters.

– on a personal note I want to thank you all for continuing to show faith in me to perform the role of President and before that, Vice President, for the past 7 years, I have been honoured and humbled by the experience and by your support. I have tried throughout that time to represent you and Masters Squash to the best of my ability but you should know that I have had an agenda – and that agenda has been to build Masters Squash and to ensure that we are properly and usefully aligned with the other squash entities in Canberra so that we are presenting squash as a sport with many dimensions to current and prospective players, and to players from all the other states and territories.

I have had the pleasure of working with many on the committee who have agreed with this approach and we are seeing the benefit of the work and the engagement as we move closer to the 2013 Championships with arrangements well underway to showcase the sport of squash through the Australian Open, TransTasman Test Series, Masters Championships and Australian Juniors Titles all within a two month span during the ACTs Centenary. But more than that, for the future of squash in the ACT that work and that engagement needs to continue.

I say all this now because I have decided not to seek re-election. My decision is purely a personal one. To that end, I nominate and strongly endorse Scott Caban for President and Sue Parker for Vice President. Seconds are sought for those nominations.

Thank you all for allowing me to take this journey with you.


Phil Kowalick

outgoing President

ACT Masters Squash