2016 Annual General Meeting Minutes


4 April 2016

Woden Club Rooms

Present: Jenny Moylan, Shane McKeown, Scott Caban, Frank Cassidy, Greg Frewin, Keith Wallace, Tanya Hancock, Rhonda Fry, Richard Fry, Virginia Buring, Trevor Smith, Ron Smith, Andrew Job, Joanne Terry, Greg Garrett, Mark Young, Sue Parker, Jane Cottam-Manning, Mick Bayley, Richard Horlock, Chad Addison, Michael Schimmelpfennig, George Komorowski, Michael De Nardi

Apologies: Ron Bates, Vicki Caban, Linda Barich


The President opened the meeting at 10:05pm and welcomed all to the 2016 Annual General Meeting (AGM).


Minutes of the AGM held on 23 March 2015 were previously circulated to members via the website and copies were available at the meeting.  There was a single typo in the previous minute where 2014 was inserted instead of 2015.  This was rectified prior to the 2016 AGM.

It was resolved (Young/Cottam-Manning) that the Minutes be accepted as a true and accurate record of the AGM held on 23 March 2015.




The President thanked everyone for attending and asked that the outgoing committee be given a round of applause for the work they have done throughout the year.  He then thanked Penny Neuendorf for her work as the competition secretary over the previous 12 months and noted that Penny would not be standing for the committee this year.  The President then thanked the ACTMSA sponsors stating that they are vitally important to our future.   The President then noted that there were 120 entrants for the March tournament, even though it had been held on the Canberra Day long weekend.  Lynda Hancock was presented with the Keith Jones Memorial Award at the dinner.  He then gave a recap of the 2015 AMSA Carnival in Perth and noted the resounding success achieved by ACTMSA.  In closing the President thanked Jenny Moylan and Mike De Nardi for once again providing an excellent supper for the AGM.

It was resolved (Young/Moylan) that the President’s Report be accepted.


The President called upon Ron Smith to present the Treasurer’s Report and audited statements for the 2015 year.  Ron spoke to the report and noted that there was an overall profit of $1532.81 for the year.  Copies of the audited financial statements were available at the meeting.  He noted that sponsorship is making a considerable contribution to ACTMSA and asked players to support our sponsors.  Ron then thanked the committee for their work over the previous 12 months, as well as a number of non committee members who contributed their time selflessly during the year.  These were Jane Cottam-Manning, Geoff Coggins, Richard Horlock, Jenny Moylan and Mike De Nardi.

There were two questions arising from the report:

  1. Frank Cassidy asked was ACTMSA not paying AMSA fees? Ron responded that ACTMSA had paid two years up front in 2015.
  2. Sue Parker asked what sponsorship had Travel Associates provided over the year. Ron responded that ACTMSA received $850 from this sponsorship.

It was resolved (Smith/Addison) that the Treasurer’s Report for the year ending 2015 be accepted.


The President vacated the chair and called upon Frank Cassidy to be the Returning Officer.

The Returning Officer declared all positions vacant and moved a vote of thanks to the outgoing committee.  He called for nominations for the Executive and Committee positions as follows:

President: there was one nomination for President.  Mark Young was elected unopposed.

Vice President: there was one nomination for Vice President.  Alan Martin was elected unopposed.

Treasurer: there was one nomination for Treasurer.  Ron Smith was elected unopposed.

Secretary: there was one nomination for Secretary.  Virginia Buring was elected unopposed.

Committee Members: the following committee members were all declared elected unopposed: Heather Campbell, Sue Parker, Scott Caban, Richard Horlock, Jane Cottam-Manning and Linda Barich.

Mark Young congratulated the new committee and asked that the ACTMSA membership support the committee during the coming year.

Mark Young took the Chair as President and thanked Frank Cassidy for acting as the Returning Officer.


The Treasurer moved that Mr Malcolm Prentice be appointed as the ACTMSA Auditor for the year ending 31 December 206.  Seconded by Frank Cassidy.  Motion carried.


Jane Cottam-Manning stated that new line 4 players were not confident when refereeing and could ACTMSA run a refereeing course.  There were suggestions offered from various areas of the floor however the President recommended that the incoming committee consider this topic at its first general committee meeting.

The AGM was closed at 10:40pm.