2021 ACT Tournament – First Match times

(Please note there have been some changes to the below and relevant players have been verbally advised by the Tournament Director).

You can also see a Division grouping here.

ContestantTimeEvent nameOpponent
ADDISON, ChadSat 9:00a Wod2Men’s Division 7CROWFOOT, Roger
ALLISON, MarkSat 11:40a WC1Men’s Division 5TITMARSH, David
AMER, LyndalSat 9:00a WC4Men’s Division 3GUERREIRO, Wally
ATKINS, TonySat 9:00a WC1Combined Division 12VONG, Cindy
BAILEY, TanyaSat 11:40a Wod6Women’s Division 3TOTARO, Katie
BARRIE, GeorgeSat 10:20a Wod2Men’s Division 7CABAN, Scott
BASTOW, PeterSat 12:20p Wod2Men’s OpenMOUNTFORD, Troy
BEDINGFIELD, CoreySat 9:00a Wod1Men’s OpenFULLER, Nathan
BEVERLEY, GailSat 1:00p Wod4Women’s Division 5CAMPBELL, Heather
BIANCO, PaulSat 11:00a Wod3Men’s Division 10LOPEZ, Luis
BISHOP, KarenSat 9:00a Wod6Women’s Division 4MULHEARN, Edwina
BLACKER, RobertSat 9:00a Wod7Men’s Division 6DUNKLEY, Brian
BLYTON, SharonSat 12:20p Wod6Women’s Division 4MULHEARN, Edwina
BOND, JeffSat 12:20p Wod1Men’s OpenBEDINGFIELD, Corey
BOTES, BrianSat 9:00a WC3Men’s Division 3SINODINOS, Peter
BROWN, MattSat 9:00a Wod3Men’s Division 2CLARK, Brad
BURNS, JenniferSat 11:00a Wod1Women’s Division 1HEDGE, Michele
CABAN, ScottSat 10:20a Wod2Men’s Division 7BARRIE, George
CAMPBELL, HeatherSat 1:00p Wod4Women’s Division 5BEVERLEY, Gail
CAMPBELL, PeterSat 10:20a Wod8Men’s Division 10SMITH, Gary
CASTRO, DannySat 10:20a Wod4Men’s Division 7SELBY, Geoff
CENTOFANTI, KrisSat 10:20a WC4Men’s Division 9WILLIAMS, Peter
CENTOFANTI, PeterSat 11:40a WC3Men’s Division 9CHILD, Jack
CHIDGEY, GregSat 12:20p Wod3Combined Division 12VONG, Cindy
CHILD, JackSat 11:40a WC3Men’s Division 9CENTOFANTI, Peter
CLARK, BradSat 9:00a Wod3Men’s Division 2BROWN, Matt
COWAN, GarySat 9:00a WC3Men’s Division 3ROBERTSON, Ian
CROWFOOT, RogerSat 9:00a Wod2Men’s Division 7ADDISON, Chad
CURTIS, DennisSat 10:20a Wod5Men’s Division 8PHAM, Minh
CURTIS, JanelleSat 11:40a Wod3Women’s Division 3HEWITT, Donna
DAVIS, BarrySat 11:00a WC1Men’s Division 3SHARP, Glen
DELANEY, AnthonySat 9:00a Wod5Men’s Division 4PISTORIUS, Cliff
DICKINS, MikeSat 10:20a Wod7Men’s OpenMOUNTFORD, Troy
DU BOULAY, CassandraSat 1:00p Wod2Women’s Division 5KITCHEN, Vicki
DUNKLEY, BrianSat 9:00a Wod7Men’s Division 6BLACKER, Robert
ESTAVO, EddieSat 9:00a Wod6Men’s Division 4GRANT, Phil
FATOUROS, MichaelSat 9:00a Wod4Men’s Division 2PIGGOTT, Garry
FORD, KevinSat 9:00a WC2Men’s Division 11ROWLEY, Des
FORREST, JohnSat 11:00a WC4Men’s Division 9THORPE, Shane
FOX, WendySat 1:00p Wod3Women’s Division 5STRACHAN, Samantha
FRANCIS, RossSat 9:00a Wod4Men’s Division 4LAVERS, Grant
FRY, StephenSat 11:00a Wod7Men’s Division 6WERTH, Barry
FULCHER, JohnSat 10:20a Wod1Men’s Division 6SHANNON, Martin
FULLER, NathanSat 9:00a Wod1Men’s OpenBEDINGFIELD, Corey
GATTY, RichardSat 11:00a WC3Men’s Division 9SPOONER, Robert
GRACE, PeterSat 9:00a Wod5Men’s Division 8SCOTT, Robert
GRANT, JanSat 11:40a Wod5Women’s Division 3SMITH, Susan
GRANT, PhilSat 9:00a Wod6Men’s Division 4ESTAVO, Eddie
GRICE, LisaSat 1:00p Wod1Women’s Division 5WOOD, Mandy
GUERREIRO, WallySat 9:00a WC4Men’s Division 3AMER, Lyndal
HALL, Tracey-LeeSat 11:00a Wod2Women’s Division 1ZAVATTARO, Marisa
HANCOCK, LyndaSat 9:00a Wod1Women’s Division 4PUGH, Elaine
HEDGE, MicheleSat 11:00a Wod1Women’s Division 1BURNS, Jennifer
HEWITT, DonnaSat 11:40a Wod3Women’s Division 3CURTIS, Janelle
HEYHORN, LeanneSat 12:20p WC4Women’s Division 2PARKER, Sue
IRWIN, GarrySat 9:00a Wod3Men’s Division 4SCHNEK, Sebastian
KITCHEN, VickiSat 1:00p Wod2Women’s Division 5DU BOULAY, Cassandra
LASHBROOK-GOUGH, LaneySat 12:20p WC3Women’s Division 2SOMMERS, Karina
LAVERS, GrantSat 9:00a Wod4Men’s Division 4FRANCIS, Ross
LOPEZ, LuisSat 11:00a Wod3Men’s Division 10BIANCO, Paul
LOY, CarolSat 11:40a Wod4Women’s Division 3MCMAHON, Susan
MCKEOWN, ShaneSat 9:00a Wod7Men’s Division 2WALSH, Kyle
MCMAHON, SusanSat 11:40a Wod4Women’s Division 3LOY, Carol
MCQUILLAN, CherylSat 10:20a WC2Combined Division 12SALTER, Adela
METTAM, DenisSat 10:20a Wod3Men’s Division 7YEADON, Kevin
MORGAN, BruceSat 11:00a WC2Men’s Division 5SKLAVOS, Peter
MOUNTFORD, TroySat 10:20a Wod7Men’s OpenDICKINS, Mike
MULHEARN, EdwinaSat 9:00a Wod6Women’s Division 4BISHOP, Karen
NELSON, SarahSat 9:00a Wod8Men’s Division 2WATEGO, Colin
NUTTALL, MichaelSat 10:20a WC1Men’s Division 5WALTON, Jim
PACKHAM, EddieSat 11:00a Wod5Men’s Division 8WILLIAMS, Peter
PARKER, SueSat 12:20p WC4Women’s Division 2HEYHORN, Leanne
PHAM, MinhSat 10:20a Wod5Men’s Division 8CURTIS, Dennis
PIGGOTT, GarrySat 9:00a Wod4Men’s Division 2FATOUROS, Michael
PILE, MicheleSat 12:20p WC2Women’s Division 2ROPPA, Cath
PILE, SteveSat 9:00a WC2Men’s Division 11THOMPSON, Paul
PISTORIUS, CliffSat 9:00a Wod5Men’s Division 4DELANEY, Anthony
PUGH, ElaineSat 9:00a Wod1Women’s Division 4HANCOCK, Lynda
REDGROVE, JeremySat 11:00a Wod4Men’s Division 10ROBINSON, Kevin
RIGBY, MonicaSat 12:20p Wod4Combined Division 12SALTER, Adela
ROBERTS, GrahameSat 10:20a Wod6Men’s Division 8SANDHU, Amir
ROBERTSON, IanSat 9:00a WC3Men’s Division 3COWAN, Gary
ROBINSON, KevinSat 11:00a Wod4Men’s Division 10REDGROVE, Jeremy
ROPPA, CathSat 12:20p WC2Women’s Division 2PILE, Michele
ROWLEY, DesSat 9:00a WC2Men’s Division 11FORD, Kevin
SALTER, AdelaSat 10:20a WC2Combined Division 12MCQUILLAN, Cheryl
SANDHU, AmirSat 10:20a Wod6Men’s Division 8ROBERTS, Grahame
SCHNEK, SebastianSat 9:00a Wod3Men’s Division 4IRWIN, Garry
SCOTT, RobertSat 9:00a Wod5Men’s Division 8GRACE, Peter
SELBY, GeoffSat 10:20a Wod4Men’s Division 7CASTRO, Danny
SHANNON, MartinSat 10:20a Wod1Men’s Division 6FULCHER, John
SHARP, GlenSat 11:00a WC1Men’s Division 3DAVIS, Barry
SINODINOS, PeterSat 9:00a WC3Men’s Division 3BOTES, Brian
SKLAVOS, PeterSat 11:00a WC2Men’s Division 5MORGAN, Bruce
SMITH, DennisSat 11:00a Wod8Men’s Division 10TASKER, John
SMITH, GarySat 10:20a Wod8Men’s Division 10CAMPBELL, Peter
SMITH, PaulaSat 12:20p WC1Women’s Division 2WATT, Karreen
SMITH, SusanSat 11:40a Wod5Women’s Division 3GRANT, Jan
SOMMERS, KarinaSat 12:20p WC3Women’s Division 2LASHBROOK-GOUGH, Laney
SPOONER, RobertSat 11:00a WC3Men’s Division 9GATTY, Richard
STRACHAN, SamanthaSat 1:00p Wod3Women’s Division 5FOX, Wendy
SUMMERELL, ZipSat 9:00a Wod2Men’s Division 6WELLS, Cole
TASKER, JohnSat 11:00a Wod8Men’s Division 10SMITH, Dennis
THOMPSON, PaulSat 9:00a WC2Men’s Division 11PILE, Steve
THORPE, ShaneSat 11:00a WC4Men’s Division 9FORREST, John
TITMARSH, DavidSat 11:40a WC1Men’s Division 5ALLISON, Mark
TOTARO, KatieSat 11:40a Wod6Women’s Division 3BAILEY, Tanya
TRUSCOTT, IvanSat 9:00a WC4Men’s Division 5WOODBRIDGE, Richard
VONG, CindySat 9:00a WC1Combined Division 12ATKINS, Tony
WALSH, KyleSat 9:00a Wod7Men’s Division 2MCKEOWN, Shane
WALTON, JimSat 10:20a WC1Men’s Division 5NUTTALL, Michael
WATEGO, ColinSat 9:00a Wod8Men’s Division 2NELSON, Sarah
WATT, KarreenSat 12:20p WC1Women’s Division 2SMITH, Paula
WELLS, ColeSat 9:00a Wod2Men’s Division 6SUMMERELL, Zip
WERTH, BarrySat 11:00a Wod7Men’s Division 6FRY, Stephen
WILLIAMS, PeterSat 11:00a Wod5Men’s Division 8PACKHAM, Eddie
WILLIAMS, PeterSat 10:20a WC4Men’s Division 9CENTOFANTI, Kris
WOOD, MandySat 1:00p Wod1Women’s Division 5GRICE, Lisa
WOODBRIDGE, RichardSat 9:00a WC4Men’s Division 5TRUSCOTT, Ivan
YEADON, KevinSat 10:20a Wod3Men’s Division 7METTAM, Denis
ZAVATTARO, MarisaSat 11:00a Wod2Women’s Division 1HALL, Tracey-Lee