2021 ACT Tournament – First Match times (by Division)

(Please note there have been some changes to the below and relevant players have been verbally advised by the Tournament Director).

Event nameMatchupMatchupTime
Men’s OpenBEDINGFIELD, CoreyFULLER, NathanSat 9:00a Wod1
Men’s OpenFULLER, NathanBEDINGFIELD, CoreySat 9:00a Wod1
Men’s OpenDICKINS, MikeMOUNTFORD, TroySat 10:20a Wod7
Men’s OpenMOUNTFORD, TroyDICKINS, MikeSat 10:20a Wod7
Men’s OpenBOND, JeffBEDINGFIELD, CoreySat 12:20p Wod1
Men’s OpenBASTOW, PeterMOUNTFORD, TroySat 12:20p Wod2
Men’s Division 2BROWN, MattCLARK, BradSat 9:00a Wod3
Men’s Division 2CLARK, BradBROWN, MattSat 9:00a Wod3
Men’s Division 2FATOUROS, MichaelPIGGOTT, GarrySat 9:00a Wod4
Men’s Division 2PIGGOTT, GarryFATOUROS, MichaelSat 9:00a Wod4
Men’s Division 2MCKEOWN, ShaneWALSH, KyleSat 9:00a Wod7
Men’s Division 2WALSH, KyleMCKEOWN, ShaneSat 9:00a Wod7
Men’s Division 2NELSON, SarahWATEGO, ColinSat 9:00a Wod8
Men’s Division 2WATEGO, ColinNELSON, SarahSat 9:00a Wod8
Men’s Division 3BOTES, BrianSINODINOS, PeterSat 9:00a WC3
Men’s Division 3COWAN, GaryROBERTSON, IanSat 9:00a WC3
Men’s Division 3ROBERTSON, IanCOWAN, GarySat 9:00a WC3
Men’s Division 3SINODINOS, PeterBOTES, BrianSat 9:00a WC3
Men’s Division 3AMER, LyndalGUERREIRO, WallySat 9:00a WC4
Men’s Division 3GUERREIRO, WallyAMER, LyndalSat 9:00a WC4
Men’s Division 3DAVIS, BarrySHARP, GlenSat 11:00a WC1
Men’s Division 3SHARP, GlenDAVIS, BarrySat 11:00a WC1
Men’s Division 4IRWIN, GarrySCHNEK, SebastianSat 9:00a Wod3
Men’s Division 4SCHNEK, SebastianIRWIN, GarrySat 9:00a Wod3
Men’s Division 4FRANCIS, RossLAVERS, GrantSat 9:00a Wod4
Men’s Division 4LAVERS, GrantFRANCIS, RossSat 9:00a Wod4
Men’s Division 4DELANEY, AnthonyPISTORIUS, CliffSat 9:00a Wod5
Men’s Division 4PISTORIUS, CliffDELANEY, AnthonySat 9:00a Wod5
Men’s Division 4ESTAVO, EddieGRANT, PhilSat 9:00a Wod6
Men’s Division 4GRANT, PhilESTAVO, EddieSat 9:00a Wod6
Men’s Division 5TRUSCOTT, IvanWOODBRIDGE, RichardSat 9:00a WC4
Men’s Division 5WOODBRIDGE, RichardTRUSCOTT, IvanSat 9:00a WC4
Men’s Division 5NUTTALL, MichaelWALTON, JimSat 10:20a WC1
Men’s Division 5WALTON, JimNUTTALL, MichaelSat 10:20a WC1
Men’s Division 5MORGAN, BruceSKLAVOS, PeterSat 11:00a WC2
Men’s Division 5SKLAVOS, PeterMORGAN, BruceSat 11:00a WC2
Men’s Division 5ALLISON, MarkTITMARSH, DavidSat 11:40a WC1
Men’s Division 5TITMARSH, DavidALLISON, MarkSat 11:40a WC1
Men’s Division 6SUMMERELL, ZipWELLS, ColeSat 9:00a Wod2
Men’s Division 6WELLS, ColeSUMMERELL, ZipSat 9:00a Wod2
Men’s Division 6BLACKER, RobertDUNKLEY, BrianSat 9:00a Wod7
Men’s Division 6DUNKLEY, BrianBLACKER, RobertSat 9:00a Wod7
Men’s Division 6FULCHER, JohnSHANNON, MartinSat 10:20a Wod1
Men’s Division 6SHANNON, MartinFULCHER, JohnSat 10:20a Wod1
Men’s Division 6FRY, StephenWERTH, BarrySat 11:00a Wod7
Men’s Division 6WERTH, BarryFRY, StephenSat 11:00a Wod7
Men’s Division 7ADDISON, ChadCROWFOOT, RogerSat 9:00a Wod2
Men’s Division 7CROWFOOT, RogerADDISON, ChadSat 9:00a Wod2
Men’s Division 7BARRIE, GeorgeCABAN, ScottSat 10:20a Wod2
Men’s Division 7CABAN, ScottBARRIE, GeorgeSat 10:20a Wod2
Men’s Division 7METTAM, DenisYEADON, KevinSat 10:20a Wod3
Men’s Division 7YEADON, KevinMETTAM, DenisSat 10:20a Wod3
Men’s Division 7CASTRO, DannySELBY, GeoffSat 10:20a Wod4
Men’s Division 7SELBY, GeoffCASTRO, DannySat 10:20a Wod4
Men’s Division 8GRACE, PeterSCOTT, RobertSat 9:00a Wod5
Men’s Division 8SCOTT, RobertGRACE, PeterSat 9:00a Wod5
Men’s Division 8CURTIS, DennisPHAM, MinhSat 10:20a Wod5
Men’s Division 8PHAM, MinhCURTIS, DennisSat 10:20a Wod5
Men’s Division 8ROBERTS, GrahameSANDHU, AmirSat 10:20a Wod6
Men’s Division 8SANDHU, AmirROBERTS, GrahameSat 10:20a Wod6
Men’s Division 8PACKHAM, EddieWILLIAMS, PeterSat 11:00a Wod5
Men’s Division 8WILLIAMS, PeterPACKHAM, EddieSat 11:00a Wod5
Men’s Division 9CENTOFANTI, KrisWILLIAMS, PeterSat 10:20a WC4
Men’s Division 9WILLIAMS, PeterCENTOFANTI, KrisSat 10:20a WC4
Men’s Division 9GATTY, RichardSPOONER, RobertSat 11:00a WC3
Men’s Division 9SPOONER, RobertGATTY, RichardSat 11:00a WC3
Men’s Division 9THORPE, ShaneFORREST, JohnSat 11:00a WC4
Men’s Division 9FORREST, JohnTHORPE, ShaneSat 11:00a WC4
Men’s Division 9CENTOFANTI, PeterCHILD, JackSat 11:40a WC3
Men’s Division 9CHILD, JackCENTOFANTI, PeterSat 11:40a WC3
Men’s Division 10CAMPBELL, PeterSMITH, GarySat 10:20a Wod8
Men’s Division 10SMITH, GaryCAMPBELL, PeterSat 10:20a Wod8
Men’s Division 10LOPEZ, LuisBIANCO, PaulSat 11:00a Wod3
Men’s Division 10BIANCO, PaulLOPEZ, LuisSat 11:00a Wod3
Men’s Division 10REDGROVE, JeremyROBINSON, KevinSat 11:00a Wod4
Men’s Division 10ROBINSON, KevinREDGROVE, JeremySat 11:00a Wod4
Men’s Division 10SMITH, DennisTASKER, JohnSat 11:00a Wod8
Men’s Division 10TASKER, JohnSMITH, DennisSat 11:00a Wod8
Men’s Division 11FORD, KevinROWLEY, DesSat 9:00a WC2
Men’s Division 11PILE, SteveTHOMPSON, PaulSat 9:00a WC2
Men’s Division 11ROWLEY, DesFORD, KevinSat 9:00a WC2
Men’s Division 11THOMPSON, PaulPILE, SteveSat 9:00a WC2
Combined Division 12ATKINS, TonyVONG, CindySat 9:00a WC1
Combined Division 12VONG, CindyATKINS, TonySat 9:00a WC1
Combined Division 12MCQUILLAN, CherylSALTER, AdelaSat 10:20a WC2
Combined Division 12SALTER, AdelaMCQUILLAN, CherylSat 10:20a WC2
Combined Division 12CHIDGEY, GregVONG, CindySat 12:20p Wod3
Combined Division 12RIGBY, MonicaSALTER, AdelaSat 12:20p Wod4
Women’s Division 1BURNS, JenniferHEDGE, MicheleSat 11:00a Wod1
Women’s Division 1HEDGE, MicheleBURNS, JenniferSat 11:00a Wod1
Women’s Division 1HALL, Tracey-LeeZAVATTARO, MarisaSat 11:00a Wod2
Women’s Division 1ZAVATTARO, MarisaHALL, Tracey-LeeSat 11:00a Wod2
Women’s Division 2SMITH, PaulaWATT, KarreenSat 12:20p WC1
Women’s Division 2WATT, KarreenSMITH, PaulaSat 12:20p WC1
Women’s Division 2PILE, MicheleROPPA, CathSat 12:20p WC2
Women’s Division 2ROPPA, CathPILE, MicheleSat 12:20p WC2
Women’s Division 2LASHBROOK-GOUGH, LaneySOMMERS, KarinaSat 12:20p WC3
Women’s Division 2SOMMERS, KarinaLASHBROOK-GOUGH, LaneySat 12:20p WC3
Women’s Division 2HEYHORN, LeannePARKER, SueSat 12:20p WC4
Women’s Division 2PARKER, SueHEYHORN, LeanneSat 12:20p WC4
Women’s Division 3CURTIS, JanelleHEWITT, DonnaSat 11:40a Wod3
Women’s Division 3HEWITT, DonnaCURTIS, JanelleSat 11:40a Wod3
Women’s Division 3LOY, CarolMCMAHON, SusanSat 11:40a Wod4
Women’s Division 3MCMAHON, SusanLOY, CarolSat 11:40a Wod4
Women’s Division 3GRANT, JanSMITH, SusanSat 11:40a Wod5
Women’s Division 3SMITH, SusanGRANT, JanSat 11:40a Wod5
Women’s Division 3BAILEY, TanyaTOTARO, KatieSat 11:40a Wod6
Women’s Division 3TOTARO, KatieBAILEY, TanyaSat 11:40a Wod6
Women’s Division 4HANCOCK, LyndaPUGH, ElaineSat 9:00a Wod1
Women’s Division 4PUGH, ElaineHANCOCK, LyndaSat 9:00a Wod1
Women’s Division 4MULHEARN, EdwinaBISHOP, KarenSat 9:00a Wod6
Women’s Division 4BISHOP, KarenMULHEARN, EdwinaSat 9:00a Wod6
Women’s Division 4BLYTON, SharonMULHEARN, EdwinaSat 12:20p Wod6
Women’s Division 5GRICE, LisaWOOD, MandySat 1:00p Wod1
Women’s Division 5WOOD, MandyGRICE, LisaSat 1:00p Wod1
Women’s Division 5DU BOULAY, CassandraKITCHEN, VickiSat 1:00p Wod2
Women’s Division 5KITCHEN, VickiDU BOULAY, CassandraSat 1:00p Wod2
Women’s Division 5FOX, WendySTRACHAN, SamanthaSat 1:00p Wod3
Women’s Division 5STRACHAN, SamanthaFOX, WendySat 1:00p Wod3
Women’s Division 5BEVERLEY, GailCAMPBELL, HeatherSat 1:00p Wod4
Women’s Division 5CAMPBELL, HeatherBEVERLEY, GailSat 1:00p Wod4