Way Forward (as at June 2020)

Your committee met on Tuesday 9 June to consider a way forward for Masters Squash following the easing of COVID-19 restrictions.


After much deliberation, it was decided that competition will resume on Monday 7 September and Wednesday 9 September 2020.  We will resume the competition that was shut down in March with the same teams and the same draw.  The competition will be extended by an extra 4 to 5 weeks to take us through to the Christmas break.  This is also an opportunity for anyone who is not currently registered for this competition to put their name down if they wish to play.  We are always looking for new players and reserves.  If you wish to play, contact the committee and we will do our best to incorporate you into a team.  Please bear in mind that this is totally dependent on the ACT Government easing restrictions to a level that will allow adult sport competitions to recommence.  Further information will be distributed as we come closer to these dates.


We are running social training in the form of MASS (Masters Afternoon Social Squash) on Sundays at Weston Creek Community Centre commencing from 14 June 2020, at a cost of $10 per player. We are required to implement COVID-19 mitigation strategies and plan to run sessions from 1pm – 2:45pm and 3pm – 5pm with only 16 players per session.  Intention to attend must be provided by return email by Friday 12 June with the session you wish to attend nominated.  Only the first 16 registered for each session will be able to play..  You cannot just turn up and expect to play.  If you do not register your interest by email you will not be allowed onto the courts.  Entry will be via the main doors at Weston Creek and when the first session finishes, players will leave via the fire exit next to court 4.  The fire door will not be open for the duration of MASS.  Players must sign a COVID-19 player agreement on entry to the centre and adhere to the specifications within.  Sessions will be facilitated by a committee member.

Social Squash

Until formal competition commences, ACT Masters Squash players are invited, and entitled, to play social squash at Weston Creek, Woden, and Dickson during former competition hours for free.  You must pre book a court to take advantage of this.  Particular COVID-19 mitigation strategies adopted by these centres must be adhered to by players.  This social squash is not an endorsed ACT Masters Squash activity.


The ACTMSA AGM will be held at 2:45pm on Sunday 19 July at the Weston Creek courts.  Depending on numbers, we will either hold the meeting at the back of the courts or in the auditorium.  You will have already received the AGM notification and associated papers.  If you are intending to attend the AGM, could you please let the committee know by return email so we can have an idea of numbers.


Scott Caban

President ACTMSA