Wednesday Night Winners – 2019 Summer Comp


Robinson & McGuinness

Winners: Amir Sandhu, Corey Markham, Ionna Markham, (Kevin Robinson – Sponsor) and Frank Cassidy


Runners Up: Bob Allan, (Kevin Robinson – Sponsor), Richard Fry, Tania Hancock (not present) and Heather Campbell (not present)
Mugs Winners:  Sue Parker (helping present), Chris Butler, Jim Foley, (Kevin Robinson – Sponsor), John Forrest and Michelle Morthorpe (not present)

The Real Estate Shop

Winners: Mike Di Nardi, Clare Maunder (not present), Luana King and Lou Rizzello (Jeremy Redgrove – Sponsor)


Runners Up: David Baussmann, Jeremy Redgrove, (Frank – presenting), Alan Martin and Phil Gallagher (not present)


Mugs Winners: Sue Parker, (Frank – presenting), David Lloyd (not present), Susan Briggs (not present) and Alison Fry (not present)