Monday Night Winners – 2019 Summer Comp

PS News

Winners: Simon Oliver, (Michael Barrett – Sponsor), Jon Freeman, Chris Butler and Les Hughes
Runners Up: Peter Kerr, Michael Barrett, (Frank Cassidy – Sponsor), Robert Issell and Rob Wade (not present)
Mugs Winners: (Frank Cassidy – Sponsor), Helen Potter, Des Chin, Barbara Carberry and Simon Aungle (not present)

Total Traction Services

Winners: Kevin Ford, Chris Rob, Brent Carlisle and Sue Lashko (Scott presenting)


Runners Up: (Scott presenting), Grahame Deards, Julie Medway, Hetty Van Der Zwet and Betty Summerfield


Mugs Winners: (Scott presenting), Melissa Orr, Edwina Mulhearn, Steve Hall (not present) and Don Italiano (not present)


Blossoms of Chisholm

Winners: (Scott presenting), Donna Hewitt, George Komorowski, Mick Bailey and Alison Fry (not present)


Runners Up: (Scott presenting), Jeff Row, Cheryl McQuillan, Chad Addison and Andrew Wood (not present)


Mugs Winners: Keith Wallace, Shane McKewon, (Scott presenting), Antoinette Harmer (not present) and Desiree Van Kleef (not present)