ACT Masters Squash Championships 2019 Results

Detailed results of all games are here

Presentations – 2019 ACT Masters 40th Anniversary
Event Award Awarded to
(1) Women’s Division 1 Winner Marisa Zavattaro
Runner Up Annie Burns
Special plate Karreen Watt
Plate Julie Medway
(2) Women’sDivision 2 Winner Leanne Heyhorn
Runner Up Michele Hedge
Special plate Michele Pile
Plate Laney LashBrook-Gough
(3) Women’s Division 3 Winner Donna Fisher
Runner Up Jan Grant
Special plate Karina Sommers
Plate Barb Murphy
(4) Women’s Division 4 Winner Janelle Curtis
Runner Up Susan Smith
Special plate Lisy Toole
Plate Antoinette Harmer
(5) Women’s Division 5 Winner Susan Briggs
Runner Up Jane Mackie
Special plate Shane Lamprey
Plate Lynette Woodyard
(6) Women’s Division 6 Winner Ruth Macrae
Runner Up Janice Menzies
Special plate Alison Small
Plate Elaine Pugh
(7) Women’s Division 7 Winner Edwina Mulhearn
Runner Up Debbie Bryant
Special plate Vicki Kitchen
Plate Samantha Strachan
(8) Women’s and Men’s  Division 8 Combined Winner Gail Beverley
Runner Up Dianne Walters
Special plate Alison Fry
Plate Janelle Wilson
(9) Women’s Division 9 Winner Adela Salter
Runner Up Helen Atkiss
Special Plate Monica Rigby
(10) Men’s Open Winner Craig Brann
Runner Up Howie Johns
(11) Men’s Division 2 Winner Will Croker
Runner Up Brendan Flanagan
Special plate Mick Bayley
Plate Mick Dyke
(12) Men’s Division 3 Winner Victor Holubinskyj
Runner Up Glen Sharp
Special plate Lisa Matthews
Plate Doug Rogan
(13) Men’s Division 4 Winner Gary Cowan
Runner Up Aaron Matthes
Special plate Lorraine Rae
Plate Tony Davidson
(14) Men’s Division 5 Winner Brian Cook
Runner Up Sebastian Schnek
Special plate Ross Francis
Plate Grant Collie
(15) Men’s Division 6 Winner Sandy Paterson
Runner Up Davina Harding
Special plate David Reid
Plate Don Barnes
(16) Men’s Division 7 Winner Mark Allison
Runner Up Mark Thurkle
Special plate Perry Hardy
Plate Glen Ham
(17) Men’s Division 8 Winner David Titmarsh
Runner Up Garry Irwin
Special plate Mark Rogers
Plate Bruce Morgan
(18) Men’s Division 9 Winner Michael  Nuttall
Runner Up Lou Morsch
Special plate Cole Wells
Plate Bruce Walters
(19) Men’s Division 10 Winner Michael Barrett
Runner Up Martin Shannon
Special plate Scott Harrison
Plate Zip Summerell
(20) Men’s Division 11 Winner Stephen Creak
Runner Up Bob Simmons
Special plate Robert Blacker
Plate Alan Brownlee
(21) Men’s Division 12 Winner Barry Reid
Runner Up Shayne Gadd
Special plate Peter Bassett
Plate Tony Bullman
(22) Men’s Division 13 Winner Scott Caban
Runner Up Geoff Morley
Special plate Geoff Hunter
Plate Robert Scott
(23) Men’s Division 14 Winner Matthew Hahn
Runner Up Frank Cassidy
Special plate Paul Sweeney
Plate Peter Campbell
(24) Men’s Division 15 Winner Amir Sandhu
Runner Up Richard Gatty
Third/Plate Michael Barnes
Consolation plate Len Goodfellow
(25) Men’s Division 16 Winner Dennis Smith
Runner Up John Tasker
Special plate Calvin Irvin
Plate Steve Pile
(26) Men’s Division 17 Winner Aaron Chuah
Runner Up Tom Spaven
Special Plate Gerry Vassallo