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First Match Times for ACT Masters Tournament

 To all squash players There are currently 199 entries for this weekend. This means that the scheduling is very tight and matches will start  at 8.00am on both days.  The last round of matches on the Saturday are scheduled to finish just after 5.30pm which may cause some problems for those attending the dinner.  After […]


ACT Masters Squash 2019 Entries

ACT March Tournament 2/3 March 2019 List of Entries as at 24/2/19 Men Women AMSA AMSA Ranking Ranking 3.27 Howie Johns 5.14 Sarah Nelson 3.37 Peter Bastow 5.5 Lisa Matthews 3.92 Grant Farrant 5.93 Lorraine Rae 4 Troy Mountford 6.69 Sandy Paterson 4.8 Will Croker 7.8 Rosalind Dixon 4.97 Brendan Flanagan 7.91 Janine Eedy 4.97 […]


ACT Masters Squash Tournament 40th Birthday

ACT Masters Squash will celebrate our 40th birthday with the annual tournament on 2-3 March 2019.  There is an opportunity to play golf or bowls as well on the 1st March. Please see here for more details about the weekend. To entry, please complete the attached entry form.