Rolfe Mazda Winners – Gerard Orr, Arron Chuah, Sponsor (Frank Cassidy), and Mick Bayley

Rolfe Mazda Runners-up – Anthony Coulter, John Tasker, Sponsor (Frank Cassidy) and Brent Carlisle (absent)

Rolfe Mazda Mugs – Greg Rebetzke / Alex Swalling, Scott Caban and Cathy Walters (no photo).

Note: All had reserves playing for them. They obviously didn’t realise we have new ‘red’ mugs.


PS News Winners – Lorraine Rae, Frank Cortes, Sponsor (Frank Cassidy) and Elaine Pugh.

PS News Runners-up – Mark Young, Frank Cassidy (this time player and Sponsor) and Tom Spaven.

PS News Mug winners – Michael Alder, Keith Wallace and Simon Oliver (no photo).

Note: Two reserves also played for this team.


Robinson & McGinness Winners – Ron Smith, Rhonda Fry, Sponsor (Tania Hancock) and Grahame Deards

Robinson & McGinness Runners-Up – John Forrest, Betty Summerfield, Sponsor (Tania Hancock) and Greg Garrett

Robinson & McGinness Mug Winners – Waine Summerfield, Sponsor (Tania Hancock), Sommer Sherwood and Gary Hampson


JR Masonry Runners-Up – Thamba Pathmanathan, Desley Rowley, Sponsor (Tania Hancock) and Alan Martin

JR Masonry Winners – Paul Carberry, Antoinette Harmer, Marlene Sutton and Sponsor (Tania Hancock)

JR Masonry  Mug Winners – Sponsor (Tania Hancock), Michelle Francis-Kerr, Gerry Vassallo and Adam Chad(absent)