Notice of Annual General Meeting 2018

Notice is hereby given of the Annual General Meeting of the ACT Masters Squash Association Incorporated. 



9 April 2018 – 9:30pm Woden Club Rooms

Launceston Street Woden ACT


With Monday night being 3 person teams, all matches will still be best of five (as per normal).
Supper will also be provided to those attending the AGM.
Papers for the AGM are linked below. Please note there is an agenda item and associated paper to discuss the option of Hand-in Hand-out versus Point-a-Rally scoring.
If you wish to nominate somebody for the executive positions on the committee or as a general committee member, there will be a nomination form on the notice board at each centre for you to complete.
3. Agenda item 8.1 – Scoring (Hand-in Hand-out versus Point-a-Rally)
Mark Young
President, ACT Masters Squash