AMSA Championships Ballarat 2017 Individuals Results

Here are the detailed results for the Individuals competitions at the Australian Masters Squash Championships for 2017 in Ballarat.  And here are lots of photos.

ACT (or close enough we’ll claim them) winners were:

Elaine Gray W75-79 Div 2

John Forrest M70-74 Div 3

Lynda Hancock W60-64 Div 3

Runners up:

Haydn Daly M75-79 Open
Kathy Matheson W45-49 Div 2
Sarah Nelson W50-54 Open
Evan Williams M35-39 Div 2
Gary Hampson M55-59 Div 2
Ron Smith M70-74 Div 2
Heather Campbell W65-69 Div 2