Wednesday Competition starts at 7 pm

Our Winter competition commences on Wednesday 28 May. I hope you all enjoy the winter competition.

All Players please note changes for this (Wednesday night) competition:
First match commences at 7:00pm
All matches will be held at Weston Creek
5 person teams

These changes result from a significant reduction in the number of players for this Winter Competition. The committee decided that rather than play the competition over two centres, as is usual, we would be better served by playing all matches as Weston Creek. We believe this will provide a better playing and social atmosphere for all players. There is the added benefit of not having to play on the colder outside courts at Woden.

We understand there may be a few players who cannot get to the courts by 7:00 and it will require some coordination and cooperation between teams each week to ensure that there is at least one match-up to ensure play commences at 7:00.


Please contact your team members to ensure they know where they are playing and that it starts at 7.00 pm. Team Captains are shown in the draw with a (C) against your name. It is your responsibility to ensure your team members are at the right courts ready for play at 7.00 pm. The duties of the Captain are set out on page 6 of the draw.

Team Captain
Team 1 John Prideaux
Team 2 Luana King
Team 3 Jenny Moylan
Team 4 Steve Barnes
Team 5 Jim Foley
Team 6 Kevin Douglas
Team 7 David Long
Team 8 Bill Spaven

Given the 7;00 pm start it is essential to check with the team you are playing the next week to ensure there is a match up of players to start play at 7.00 pm.


Please read the Obligations and Masters Spirit content on page 7 of the draw as we have added comments regarding Court Behaviour.


You will note on the Reserves List that a ‘Line’ column . This is to assist players, particularly the new players in our ranks, in finding a reserve at their standard. Obviously if you can’t get someone at your level, try someone from a higher or lower level. The important thing is to ensure your opponent has a match.

The way it works is 1.1 = top level No.1s; 1.2 = second level No 1s; 1.3 = third level No. 1s and 1.4 = fourth level No. 1s and so on through the 2s, 3s and 4s.

Rules of Squash
For information the Rules of Squash are available via the below link on the Masters Squash Website (under the Business tab)



Secretary, ACT Masters Squash