Results 2013 Rolfe Mazda AMSA Championships

The 2013 AMSA Championships concluded in spectacular visit with a superb Teams Dinner Dance in the Australian War Memorial.  Many squashies threw themselves into the spirit of the event by wearing period costumes.


Richard Weir from the Northern Territory received the Judith Goadby Memorial Award from Terry Barlow who was standing-in for AMSA President Peter Wright.  Terry congratulated the ACT for running a successful tournament.  It was a great team effort led by Ron Smith, Debbie Sims, Scott Caban and Sue Parker.

Dick Best, President of NSW Masters Squash, accepted the host’s banner from Scott Caban and invited everyone to the 2014 AMSA Championships in Bathurst.

Results of the Interstate Teams Series are below or look here for details.

Presentations – 2013 Rolfe Mazda Australian Masters Squash Championships
Event Award Awarded to
(1) Division 1 Winner NSW 1
Troy Northey
Dave Fuller ©
Peter Chang
Runner up VIC 1
Kevin Healy
Mick Dyke
Mark Thurkle
(2) Division 2 Winner VIC 2
Greg Murphy
Roger Child
John Tobin
Runner up ACT 2
Mark Young
Bryson Hawkins
Brian Dunkley
(3) Division 3 Winner NSW 3
Eddie Estevao
Grant Collie
Barry Beauvais ©
Runner up VIC 4
Walter Pastuszka
Mervyn Mee
Ross Francis
(4) Division 4 Winner ACT 4
Brian Cady
Grahame Deards
Melissa Orr
Runner up WA 3
Doug Minchin
Warren Oliver
Bob Price
(5) Division 5 Winner NSW 6
Des Wood
Jason Davies
Ross Houghton
Runner up VIC 7
Tom Spencer
Ross Trompf
Tony Bennett
(6) Division 6 Winner ACT 6
Scott Andison
Alan Martin
Denis Mettam
Runner up SA 1
Leno Caruana
Andrew Reed
Alan Bennet
(7) Division 7 Winner NSW 10
Garry Dunn ©
Jim Walton
John De Angelis
Runner up VIC 8
Janine Eedy
Mal Rubinich
Daryl Snowdon
(8) Division 8 Winner NSW 11
Steve Fry ©
Alan Bowler
Tony Bullman
Runner up TAS 2
John Jeffrey
Simon Ottway
Peter Edwards
(9) Division 9 Winner VIC 10
Brian Lyons
Trevor Walker
Jeffrey Marr
Runner up ACT 11
Paul Sweeney
Martin Shannon
Ron Smith
(10) Division 10 Winner VIC 11
Henry Pastuszka
Neil Tytler
Peter Bassett
Runner up NSW 15
Bruce Walters
Jan Grant ©
Michele Hedge
(11) Division 11 Winner TAS 4
Cheryl Unsworth
Gary Hulme
Wendy Ashley
Runner up VIC 12
Geoff Morley
David Lane
John Fulford
(12) Division 12 Winner QLD 13
Helen Watkins
Margie Carsburg
Rhonda Creighton
Runner up WA 7
Ronnie Traynor
Patricia Barker
Sandra Heeney
(13) Division 13 Winner TAS 5
Kym Hancock
Glen Tremayne
Judy Fox
Runner up ACT 16
Jack Child
Helen Parkes
Tania Hancock
(14) Divsion 14 Winner QLD 16
Peter Knauth
Raymond Allan
Bernie Reston
Ada Lanham
Runner up WA 9
Pam Butler
Janet Bennett
Anita Bull
(15) Division 15 Winner WA10
Julie Audas
Terry Brookes
Christine Farley
Runner up WA 11
George Reid
Theresa Wilkes
Di Cook
(16) Division 16 Winner NT 3
Wendy Beard
Vince Yuen
Michelle Griffiths
Runner up QLD 18
Helen Gillies
Jo Files
Jan Whackett
(17) Division 17 Winner VIC 17
Steven Caust
Christine Chapple
Casandra Doyle
Runner up ACT 20
Susan Briggs
Sharon Blyton
Raice Tapp
(18) Division 18 Winner QLD 19
Patricia Knauth
Laura Stranks
Yvonne Cook
Runner up NT 4
Sonia Wojcuk
Gus Veltman
Merv Nicholson
(19) Division 19 Winner ACT 21
Linda Barich
Jeanette Williamson
Bill Daszczyk
Runner up ACT 22
Rhonda Fry
Ron Bates
Fran Wilson
(20) Division 20 Winner NSW 27
Steve Pile
Barbara Rayner
Desley Rowley ©
Runner up QLD 21
Ken Hayes
Neville Fountaine
Roslyn Walsh