ACT Championships Results



Look in the Photo Gallery for photos of the presentations and the dinner.


Presentations – ACT Masters Championships 2013
Event Award Awarded to
(1) Men’s Open Winner Howie Johns
Runner Up Jeff Bond
Third/Plate Tony Whackett
(2) Men’s Division 1 Winner Shane Gurney
Runner Up Gary Piggott
Third/Plate Dave Fuller
(3) Men’s Division 2 Winner Alex Swalling
Runner Up John Carroll
Third/Special Jeff Row
Plate Glen Brewster
Consolation Daryl Murada
(4) Men’s Division 3 Winner Mark Young
Runner Up Peter Chang
Third/Special Lorraine Rae
Plate Phil Grant
Consolation Mike McDonald
(5) Men’s Division 4 Winner Aaron Matthes
Runner Up Alex Schiodtz
Third/Special Gary Hampson
Plate Paul Miller
Consolation Jason Davies
(6) Men’s Division 5 Winner Brian Dunkley
Runner Up John Rossi
Third/Special Mark Allison
Plate Don Coltman
Consolation Scott Andison
(7) Men’s Division 6 Winner Tim Dann
Runner Up Edward Freeman
Third/Special Alan Birchall
Plate Steve Galeano
(8) Men’s Division 7 Winner John Chapman
Runner Up Cole Wells
Third/Special Alan Martin
Plate Chris Bartlett
Consolation Steve Hall
(9) Men’s Division 8 Winner Geoff Coggins
Runner Up John Smit
Third/Special John Leake
Plate Michael Nuttall
Consolation John De Angelis
(10) Men’s Division 9 Winner Paul Brearley
Runner Up Michael Barnes
Third/Special Kevin Yeadon
Plate Garry Dunn
Consolation Martin Shannon
(11) Men’s Division 10 Winner Rob Spooner
Runner Up Peter Schulze
Third/Special Richard Fry
Plate Ray Sambuco
Consolation Chad Addison
(12) Men’s Division 11 Winner Mick Haigh
Runner Up Stewart Green
Third/Special Scott Caban
Plate Brent Carlisle
Consolation Mike Hogan
(13) Men’s Division 12 Winner Matthew Benjamin
Runner Up Richard Stanley
Third/Special Greg Chidgey
Plate Ray Loving
Consolation Luis Lopez
(14) Men’s Division 13 Winner Chris Butler
Runner Up Peter Campbell
Third/Plate DesĀ  Rowley
Consolation Chris Winkler
(15) Men’s Division 14 Winner Don Elsley
Runner Up Steve Pile
Third/Plate Ken Sinclair
(16) Women’s Division 1 Winner Clare Maunder
Runner Up Karreen Watt
Third/Plate Moya Sambuco
Consolation Winner 212
(17) Women’s Division 2 Winner Susan Bennett
Runner Up Vanessa Freeman
Third/Special Sandra Veness
Plate Paula Smith
Consolation Alison Small
(18) Women’s Division 3 Winner Tania Hancock
Runner Up Helen Parkes
Third/Special Tanya Bailey
Plate Faye Cartledge
Consolation Lynda Hancock
(19) Women’s Division 4 Winner Claudia krebs
Runner Up Joanne Bingham
Third/Special Rosemary Menere
Plate Sandra gallagher
Consolation Yvonne Bourne
(20) Women’s Division 5 Winner Linda Barich
Runner Up Elaine Pugh
Third/Special Jeannette Williamson
Plate Sue Hodgson
Consolation Donna Koski
(21) Women’s Division 6 Winner Penny Neuendorf
Runner Up Cheryl McQuillan
Third/Plate Monica Rigby
Consolation Desley Rowley