Simpson Optometry renews Sponsorship


Have you been able to read clearly the Summer competition draws and the email from Deb about our March 2013 tournament.

If you are having trouble with your eyesight think about Simpson Optometry who have renewed their sponsorship for 2013.

Whether you are after the latest OCT eye scans or stunning new glass frames, Simpson & King Optometry has an all round practice to look after your eyes.

Not only do Simpson Optometry have four optometrists to choose from but they also back them up with well trained, experienced staff to help choose the right frames for you. Contact lenses are part and parcel of their service with daily disposable lenses being the most popular type of lens in recent times.

One of the significant benefits of this sponsorship is the incentive scheme we have put in place this year where 10% of the purchase of all product/goods accrues to ACT Masters Squash. Make sure you let James know that you are a Masters squash player.

This great offer is not only available to members of ACT Masters Squash, but is also available to non-members of ACT Masters squash (including family and friends). If you refer friends or family remind them to advise James and his friendly staff that they were referred by ACTMSA.

Simpson Optometry is located in the heart of Civic, right near Gus’ Cafe, at 70 Bunda Street, Canberra City, ACT 2601.

James and his staff will even test “one eyed” referees.

As a personal aside I was speaking to one of my wife’s friends who mentioned that she was a regular client of Jame’s and thought they were outstanding in the service they provide

Yours in squash,

Ron Smith