Captain’s Responsibilities

The Committee has noted that Captains should:

1. Ensure their team members are aware that matches start at 7:30pm and that a match should
be on the court at 7:30pm.

2. Ensure that score sheets are fully completed, including first name / surname of all players,
scores totalled and sheets returned to the Masters silver briefcases at the end of the night.

3. Remind players that they are to arrange reserves themselves and notify their opponent and their
team Captain that this has happened.

4. Ensure that one player on each court is to collect balls, pens, etc and return to Masters silver
briefcase at the end of the night.

5. Remind their team members to check the raffle roster and to ensure these duties are carried

6. Indicate clearly on the scoresheet if handouts, point a rally, etc is being used and by which

7. Clearly note on the score sheet if a match was not played on your court, ie, players did not
show up or neither could find a reserve. The Committee has agreed a formula to apply
where matches are not played or are played in a way not consistent with the general running
of the competition.

8. Let their teams know that if anyone thinks dangerous play is happening, contact a committee
member immediately – the committee member will deal with it.

9. Remind all players to remember that Masters is social squash played in the Masters spirit –
we are not playing for sheep stations. Therefore on-court conduct and attitude is expected
to be above reproach, especially when dealing with the referee.

10. Remind all team members that anyone is able to contribute to Handout.

11. Ensure reserve fees have been paid.

12. Remind players of their obligation to bring supper on their allocated nights.

13. Remind players to check the draw because the draw may not be week about between

ACTMSA Committee
January 2015

Where a Captain has not been able to ensure the duties listed above are communicated to players,
players should take responsibility for ensuring appropriate action is taken.