Wednesday Draw Summer 2018



Do the right thing by your team be EARLY or at least on time, advise your opponent if you cannot come on time

Round Date Court 7 Court 8
1 31/01/18 7v8 9v10
2 7/02/18 1v3 2v5
3 14/02/18 9v11 7v10
4 21/02/18 1v5 3v6
5 28/02/18 8v9 10v11
6 7/03/18 5v6 1 v 2
7 14/03/18 10v12 7v9
8 21/03/18 1v4 2v6
9 28/03/18 9v12 7v11
10 4/04/18 1v6 2v3
11 11/04/18 3v4 11v12
12 18/04/18 10v12 7v9
25/04/18 Anzac Day – Public Holiday
13 2/05/18 2v6 3v5
14 9/05/18 9v12 7v11
Finals 16/05/18 Real Estate Shop Total Traction Services
3rd v 4th 3rd v 4th
Round Date Court 1 Court 2 Court 3 Court 4 Raffle Roster Lock Up Roster
1 31/01/18 1v2 3v4 5v6 11v12 Frank Cassidy Ron Smith
2 7/02/18 10v12 7v9 8v11 4v6 Sue Virgona Sue Parker
3 14/02/18 2v6 3v5 1v4 8v12 Paul Sweeney Mark Young
4 21/02/18 2v4 8v10 7v11 9v12 Mike De Nardi Alan Martin
5 28/02/18 7v12 1v6 4v5 2v3 Amy Stevens Richard Horlock
6 7/03/18 3v4 7v8 9v10 11v12 Luana King Michael Barratt
7 14/03/18 8v11 1v3 2v5 4v6 John Forrest Ron Smith
8 21/03/18 3v5 9v11 8v12 7v10 Susan Briggs Alan Martin
9 28/03/18 2v4 8v10 3v6 1v5 Jeremy Redgrove Jane Cottam-Manning
10 4/04/18 7v12 8v9 10v11 4v5 Tania Hancock Michael Barratt
11 11/04/18 1v2 7v8 5v6 9v10 Matt Ashford Sue Parker
12 18/04/18 8v11 1v3 2v5 4v6 Sandra Vecchi Richard Horlock
25/04/18 Anzac Day – Public Holiday
13 2/05/18 7v10 1v4 9v11 8v12 Nev Sheather Mark Young
14 9/05/18 2v4 8v10 3v6 1v5 Des Chin Ron Smith
Finals 16/05/18 Real Estate Shop Real Estate Shop Total Traction Services Total Traction Services Committee
5th v 6th 1st v 2nd 1st v 2nd 5th v 6th
Dinner Dinner to be advised

Team 1 Team 2
Richard Horlock* C Paul Cartwright
Matt Ashford Geoffrey Squire
Frank Cassidy Paul Sweeney
Michelle Morthorpe Jane Cottam-Manning* C
Team 3 Team 4
Wade Williams Mark Young* C
Alan Brownlee David Baussmann
Ron Smith* C John Forrest
Jed Biolcati-Brennan Judi Martin
Team 5 Team 6
Brett Parker Scott Andison
Karreen Watt Sue Parker* C
Richard Fry C Jeremy Redgrove
Alison Fry David Wedgwood
* Committee members

Team 7 Team 8
Greg Garrett Des Chin
David Long Alan Martin* C
Kevin Robinson C Sue Virgona
Roz Rice Nathan Hill
Team 9 Team 10
Bob Allan Jim Foley
Kevin Yeadon C Clare Maunder
Lou Rizzello Luana King C
Jenny Moylan Sue Cox
Team 11 Team 12
Martin Shannon Michael Barrett* C
Mike De Nardi Nev Sheather
Tania Hancock C Susan Briggs
Sandra Vecchi Rhonda Fry
* Committee members