Monday Draw Winter 2017



Do the right thing by your team be EARLY or at least on time, advise your opponent if you cannot come on time

Round Date Court 1 Court 2 Court 4 Court 5 Court 7 Court 8 Raffle Roster
1 5th June 1v2 3v4 5v6 7v8 9v10 11v12 Karina Sommers
2 19th June 17v19 18v20 21v23 22v24 13v15 14v16 Peter Kerr
3 26th June 10v11 5v8 1v4 9v12 17v20 21v24 Frank Cassidy
4 3rd July 18v22 19v23 10v14 2v6 3v7 11v15 Steve Scanlan
5 10th July 3v8 2v5 19v24 17v22 12v15 9v14 Wayne Allford
6 17th July 17v23 10v16 20v22 1v7 18v24 11v13 Elaine Pugh
7 24th July 12v13 9v16 10v15 1v8 4v5 3v6 Cheryl McQuillan
8 31st July 17v18 19v20 21v22 23v24 13v14 15v16 Frank Cortes
9 7th Aug 9v11 10v12 1v3 2v4 5v7 6v8 Gerry Vassallo
10 14th Aug 13v16 2v3 6v7 14v15 18v19 22v23 Brent Carlisle
11 21st Aug 2v6 17v21 1v5 4v8 11v15 12v16 Amy Stevens
Finals 28-Aug Rolfe Mazda Rolfe Mazda PS News PS News Rolfe Mazda Rolfe Mazda Committee
7th v 8th 1st v 2nd 1st v 2nd 7th v 8th 3rd v 4th 5th v 6th


Round Date Court 1 Court 2 Court 5 Court 6 Court 7 Court 8 Raffle Roster
1 5th June 13v14 15v16 17v18 19v20 21v22 23v24 Sue Lashko
2 19th June 10v12 9v11 1v3 2v4 5v7 6v8 Rhonda Fry
3 26th June 2v3 6v7 13v16 14v15 18v19 22v23 Cathy Walters
4 3rd July 1v5 17v21 20v24 9v13 4v8 12v16 Desley Rowley
5 10th July 20v23 1v6 4v7 18v21 11v16 10v13 Alan Brownlee
6 17th July 4v6 12v14 2v8 19v21 9v15 3v5 Brian Cady
7 24th July 17v24 18v23 19v22 2v7 20v21 11v14 Keith Wallace
8 31st July 11v12 1v2 3v4 5v6 7v8 9v10 Hetty Van Der Zwet
9 7th Aug 13v15 14v16 17v19 18v20 21v23 22v24 Louise Russell
10 14th Aug 17v20 21v24 5v8 1v4 9v12 10v11 Minh Pham
11 21st Aug 9v13 10v14 18v22 19v23 20v24 3v7 Dallas Grigg
Finals 28th Aug Valley View Valley View PS News PS News Valley View Valley View Committee
7th v 8th 1st v 2nd 5th v 6th 3rd v 4th 3rd v 4th 5th v 6th
Dinner 4th Sep Dinner to be advised

Team 1 Team 2
Mick Bayley C Greg R/ Alex S
Heather Campbell* Gerry Vassallo
Robert Issell Rhonda Fry C
Team 3 Team 4
Dallas Grigg Les Hughes
Hetty Van Der Zwet Antoinette Harmer C
Barbara Carberry C Des Rowley
Team 5 Team 6
Shane McKeown Rob Wade
Karina Sommers C Ron Smith*
Vicki Kitchen Lisa Grice C
Team 7 Team 8
Lorraine Rae Brian Cady
Waine Summerfield John Forrest
Cathy Walters C Fran Wilson C
* Committee Member

Team 9 Team 10
Mark Young* Melissa Orr C
George Komorowski Alan Brownlee
Sommer Sherwood C Michelle Francis-Kerr
Team 11 Team 12
Russell Weatherburn Debbie Carlisle
Frank Cassidy Sue Parker *
Betty Summerfield C Trevor Smith C
Team 13 Team 14
Mark Bowen C Jim Foley C
Brent Carlisle Martin S/Steven H
Sue Lashko Cheryl McQuillan
Team 15 Team 16
Wayne Alford C Donna Chalmers C
Michael Barrett* Minh Pham
Amy Stevens Desley Rowley
* Committee Member

Team 17 Team 18
Frank Cortes Greg Garrett
Peter Campbell C Peter Kerr C
Sue Virgona Louise Russell
Team 19 Team 20
Ben Green Paul Carberry
Steven Scanlan C Michelle Farrell
Edwina Mulhearn Bob Russell C
Team 21 Team 22
Dean Easterby Alan Martin*
Geoffrey Squire C Shane Cox C
Elaine Pugh Joanne Terry
Team 23 Team 24
Clare Maunder Julie Medway
Helen Potter Keith Wallace
Aaron Chuah C Ron Bates C
* Committee Member