Monday Draw Spring 2017



Do the right thing by your team be EARLY or at least on time, advise your opponent if you cannot come on time

Round Date Court 1 Court 2 Court 4 Court 5 Court 6 Court 7 Court 8 Raffle Roster
1 18/09/17 1v2 3v4 5v6 15v16 9v10 11v12 13v14 Sue Virgona
25/09/17 Public Holiday
2/10/17 Public Holiday
2 9/10/17 15v17 16v19 18v20 21v23 22v25 24v26 6v8 Frank Cassidy
3 16/10/17 5v8 6v7 2v3 11v13 9v12 10v14 1v4 Robert Issell
4 23/10/17 10v12 11v14 9v13 1v5 22v24 21v25 23v26 Peter Campbell
5 30/10/17 18v19 3v8 16v17 15v20 1v6 4v7 2v5 Des Rowley
6 6/11/17 21v22 23v24 25v26 9v10 11v12 13v14 2v8 Jim Foley
7 13/11/17 3v6 18v20 1v8 21v23 2v7 22v25 24v26 Steven Scanlan
8 20/11/17 17v19 15v18 16v20 11v13 9v12 3v4 10v14 Vicki Caban
9 27/11/17 23v26 22v24 6v7 1v4 5v8 21v25 2v3 Paul Carberry
Finals 4/12/17 Rolfe Mazda Rolfe Mazda Rolfe Mazda Robinson + McGuinness Rolfe Mazda Robinson + McGuinness Robinson + McGuinness Committee
1st v 2nd 7th v 8th 3rd v 4th 1st v 2nd 5th v 6th 3rd v 4th 5th v 6th
Round Date Court 1 Court 2 Court 5 Court 6 Court 7 Court 8 Raffle Roster
1 18/09/17 7v8 17v18 19v20 21v22 23v24 25v26 Mark Bowen
25/09/17 Public Holiday
2/10/17 Public Holiday
2 9/10/17 1v3 2v4 5v7 9v11 10v13 12v14 Antoinette Harmer
3 16/10/17 17v19 16v20 15v18 23v25 22v26 21v24 Hayley Coleman
4 23/10/17 2v6 3v7 4v8 16v18 17v20 15v19 Aaron Chuah
5 30/10/17 9v14 12v13 21v26 10v11 24v25 22v23 Donna Chalmers
6 6/11/17 1v7 15v16 19v20 4v6 3v5 17v18 Edwina Mulhearn
7 13/11/17 15v17 12v14 16v19 9v11 4v5 10v13 Greg Garrett
8 20/11/17 21v24 5v6 1v2 7v8 23v25 22v26 Fran Wilson
9 27/11/17 16v18 9v13 17v20 11v14 15v19 10v12 Elaine Pugh
Finals 4/12/17 Valley View PS News PS News Valley View Valley View PS News
3rd v 4th 3rd v 4th 1st v 2nd 1st v 2nd 5th v 6th 5th v 6th
Dinner 11/12/17 Dinner to be advised

Team 1 Team 2
Mick Bayley Greg R/ Alex S C
Tania Hancock C Antoinette Harmer
Sue Virgona Cathy Walters
Team 3 Team 4
Dallas Grigg Les Hughes
Joanne Terry C Thamba Pathmanathan
Scott Applebee Gerry Vassallo C
Team 5 Team 6
Shane McKeown C Ryan Harris
Heather Campbell* Ron Bates C
Edwina Mulhearn Des Rowley
Team 7 Team 8
Steve Lindner Anthony Coulter
Aaron Chuah Hetty Van Der Zwet C
Louise Russell C Fran Wilson

Team 9 Team 10
Rob Wade C Mark Young*
Peter Campbell Vicki Caban
Barbara Carberry Betty Summerfield C
Team 11 Team 12
Brian Cady Donna Chalmers
John Forrest Karina Sommers C
Sue Lashko C Elaine Gray
Team 13 Team 14
Melissa Orr Lorraine Rae
Waine Summerfield C Chad Addison C
Robert Issell Vicki Kitchen

Team 15 Team 16
Mark Bowen Adam Chad C
Helen Potter C Frank Cassidy
Brendan O’Brien Amy Stevens
Team 17 Team 18
Greg Garrett Debbie Carlisle
Peter Kerr C Steven Scanlan
Rhonda Fry Lisa Grice C
Team 19 Team 20
Gary Hampson C Greg Wild
Julie Polson Keith Wallace C
Trevor Smith Elaine Pugh

Team 21 Team 22
Jim Foley Julie Medway C
Brent Carlisle C Scott Caban*
Michelle Francis-Kerr Alice D/ Alison Fry
Team 23 Team 24
Paul Carberry Alan Martin*
Alan Brownlee C Hayley Coleman
Judi Martin Desley Rowley C
Team 25 Team 26
Michael Barrett* Clare Maunder C
Sue Parker* George Komorowski
Sommer Sherwood C Cheryl McQuillan