Wednesday Draw Summer 2016

Do the right thing by your team be EARLY or at least on time, advise your opponent if you cannot come on time
Round Date Court 4 Court 5 Court 7 Court 8 Raffle Roster
1 3-Feb 5 v 6 7 v 8 3 v 4 1 v 2 Stuart Green
2 10-Feb 2v4 1v3 13 v 15 14v16 Linda Shannon
3 17-Feb 10v11 9v12 5 v 8 6v7 Steve Hall
4 24-Feb 9v13 10v14 1 v 5 2v6 Luana King
5 2-Mar 4v7 3v8 9 v 14 10v13 Sharon Blyton
6 9-Mar 9v15 12v14 1 v 7 4v6 Dean Easterby
7 16-Mar 3v6 2v7 9v16 12v13 Jeanette Williamson
8 23-Mar 9 v 10 11v12 13v14 15v16 Joan Morrell
9 30-Mar 5v7 6v8 9v11 10v12 Louise Russell
10 6-Apr 2v3 1v4 13v16 14v15 Sue Briggs
11 13-Apr 12v16 11v15 4v8 3v7 Michael Nuttalll
12 20-Apr 9v14 10v13 1v6 2v5 Sambit Kumar
13 27-Apr 1v7 4v6 9v15 12v14 Alan Brownlee
14 4-May 1v8 4v5 11v14 10v15 Michael Barrett
15 11-May 5 v 6 7 v 8 3 v 4 1 v 2 Greg Garrett
16 18-May 9v11 10v12 13v15 14v16 Rabia Hussain
Finals 25-May PS News PS News Real Estate Shop Real Estate Shop
 3rd v 4th  5th v 6th  3rd v 4th 5th v 6th
Round Date Court 1 Court 2 Court 3 Court 4 Lock Up Roster Raffle Roster
1 3-Feb 9 v 10 11v12 13v14 15v16 Sue Parker Mike De Nardi
2 10-Feb 5v7 6v8 9v11 10v12 Alan Martin Michael Turner
3 17-Feb 2v3 1v4 13v16 14v15 Penny Neuendorf Richard Fry
4 24-Feb 12v16 11v15 4v8 3v7 Alan Martin Paul Sweeney
5 2-Mar 1v6 2v5 12v15 11v16 Ron Smith Sue Virgona
6 9-Mar 10v16 11v13 2v8 3v5 Sue Parker John Forrest
7 16-Mar 1v8 4v5 11v14 10v15 Ron Smith Kevin Yeadon
8 23-Mar 5 v 6 7 v 8 3 v 4 1 v 2 Penny Neuendorf Lou Rizzello
9 30-Mar 2v4 1v3 13v15 14v16 Sue Parker Karreen Watt
10 6-Apr 10v11 9v12 5v8 6v7 Alan Martin David O’Rourke
11 13-Apr 9v13 10v14 1v5 2v6 Sue Parker Bob Allan
12 20-Apr 12v15 11v16 4v7 3v8 Penny Neuendorf John Prideaux
13 27-Apr 2v8 3v5 10v16 11v13 Alan Martin Jeremy Redgrove
14 4-May 9v16 12v13 3v6 2v7 Ron Smith Paul Thomspon
15 11-May 9 v 10 11v12 13v14 15v16 Sue Parker Trish Rae
16 18-May 2v4 1v3 5v7 6v8 Penny Neuendorf Geoff Coggins
Finals 25-May PS News PS News Real Estate Real Estate  Committee
7th v 8th  1st v 2nd      1st v 2nd  7th v 18th


Team 1 Team 2
Stuart Green C O’Rourke/ W Williams
David Traylen (C) Paul Thompson
Susan Briggs Claudia Krebs (C)
Jane Anderson Geoffrey Squire
Team 3 Team 4
Geoff Coggins Cliff Pistorius
Ron Smith Paul Sweeney
Matt Ashford (C) Kevin Robinson
Penny Neuendorf* Louise Russell (C)
Team 5 Team 6
Bob Allan Greg Garrett
John Forrest Luana King
Bob Bednarz (C) Tania Hancock (C)
Cathy Ryan Sambit Kumar
Team 7 Team 8
Adam Chad/ John Smit Alan Martin* (C)
David O’Rourke Sharon Blyton
Bill Spaven (C) Lou Rizzello
Jeanette Williamson Rhonda Fry


Team 9 Team 10
Mike De Nardi Steve Hall
Michael Schimmelpfenning Minh Pham
Robin Morrell (C) Karina Sommers (C)
Joan Morrell Jane Cottam-Manning
Team 11 Team 12
Kevin Yeadon David Long (C)
Michael Turner Alan  Brownlee
Sue Virgona TBA
Robert Issell (C) Trish Rae
Team 13 Team 14
Brian Morris (C) Karreen Watt
Sue Parker* Michael Barrett
Jenny Moylan Dean Easterby
Rabia Hussain Bronwyn Madge (C)
Team 15 Team 16
Michael Nuttall Clare Maunder
John Prideaux Frank Cassidy (C)
Andrew Fogden (C) Jeremy Redgrove
Alex Ciceran Fran Wilson