Treasurer’s Report to 2015 AGM





I present my report on the audited financial statements of the Association for the year ended 31 December 2014.

The principal activity of the Association during the financial year was to promote, administer and encourage the game of squash for players aged 35 years and over.

The final result was an overall profit of $10,836.  A significant contribution to this profit outcome is the major contribution made by our sponsors amounting to just under $9,300 in 2014.

A big thank you to our sponsors, Rolfe Mazda, ACT Light Control, Travel Associates, Simpson Optometry, Real Estate Shop and Visual Q.  Our sponsors support us, please support them and let them know that you are from Masters Squash when utilising their products and/or services.  Alucom and Infront did not renew their sponsorship arrangements in 2015, but we are delighted to welcome Frank Cassidy and PS News on board.

I would like to thank the committee for their hard work and support during 2014. In particular to Chad, our outgoing Secretary, Lynda Hancock our competition Secretary ably assisted by Linda Barich, Sue Parker our function organiser, Tanya Hancock for looking after the trophies, to Penny for her work in producing Handout and to Mark Young our President.  Also to non committee members, Geoff Coggins for looking after and maintaining the web site, Richard Horlock for the work he does in organising the raffles and food for the March Tournament (also congratulations to Richard on being awarded the Keith Jones Memorial trophy) and to Jenny Moylan and Mike De Nardi for the great suppers including tonight as well as running the kitchen for the March championships.

The financial statements include:-

Statement of Income and Expenses

Balance sheet

Statement of cash flows

Notes to and forming part of the financial statements.

There are copies of the financial statements available throughout the room and instead of boring you with detail I am happy to take any questions now or after the meeting.

Total number of players continued to decline from 452 to 425 over the three competitions last year.  However, there was an increase in the number of reserves available from 145 to 184.  Consequently there has been a decline in our receipts from competition fees and raffle proceeds, but reserve fees increased as there were less matches not played or players doubling up.



Ron Smith

Treasurer, ACT Masters Squash