President’s Report 2010/11

ACT Masters Squash Association

Opening this President’s Report with my deepest thanks to all members of ACT Masters Squash for the opportunity, over the past year, to represent the club and its players at this level, there is a lot of work to do and we have achieved a lot together. My warmest thanks go to the energetic and dedicated volunteers on the Committee who have given freely of their time and their commitment to give us a strong club, an excellent competition and outstanding tournaments.

Some of the committee’s tasks are difficult and time consuming but those who put their hands up to do them go about the work with gusto and in many cases put their hands up for more than their dedicated job on the committee calls for. I am always surprised and often a bit humbled by the time these folks find to give to Masters Squash. They work tirelessly and deserve the gratitude of all Masters players who most nights only have to turn up to play – and bring some supper on their allocated night of course.

There are a few things I particularly want to mention in this President’s report before we dissolve the committee and elect a new committee for the coming 12 months.

Outgoing Committee

• Thanks to the outgoing committee for all their efforts in managing the business of running Masters Squash, Virginia as Secretary, Ron as Treasurer, Scott as Vice President; for running the regular competitions including preparing the draws and chasing up players (Lyn and Linda); arranging the March Tournament (the Tournament Sub-Committee); arranging tournament dinners, organising entertainment and now also arranging the accommodation for people travelling to Nationals (Sue); to signing up sponsors and managing the ongoing relationships with those sponsors (Richard and Mal); organising trophies (Tania Hancock and Laurie DiPrinzio); procurement for all our supplies including drinks for Weston Creek (Laurie); preparing the Handout newsletter (Jenn); re-developing the Masters Website (Alan); preparing signs for the March tournament (Mike); and for doing anything they can possibly do to help regardless of what it is (Lynda, Jenny and the rest of the committee)

• Special thanks to those not on the committee who are always there providing an enormous amount of help at different times, Jenny Moylan for suppers and catering for tournaments and for all those people who pitch in to help, Jo Hogan and Mick Bailey spring to mind.

• Special thanks to Laurie who is not standing for the committee again this year, your efforts have been much appreciated and your contribution to committee work and to the club will be missed, and to Mike Hogan who is also not standing again.

Finances and the overall management of Masters in Canberra

• Ron has provided the Audit reports of our financial position so the only thing left for me to say is that we are keen to maintain a reasonable level of cash reserves in preparation for the 2013 National Championships

• The ACTMSA Sponsorship policy has been developed by the committee to give current and future committees some guidance on the expectations of ACT Masters for the engagement of and continued support by our sponsors

• The committee has also prepared a Committee Manual to provide incoming committees with guidance on the roles and responsibilities of members of the executive and the committee. This is new but is something that is important for the longevity of the club

Masters Membership

• Increasing numbers with new people joining each competition at all levels and that is very encouraging for our club and our sport

2011 March Tournament

• 150+ entrants including 4 top male players in an invitational open playing exhibition matches

• 2011 should see and invitational open for 4 top women players as well as the mens

• Thanks to our sponsors, the sub-committee that made all the arrangements for the tournament, all those who played in the tournament

• Thanks to all the volunteers who gave time and effort over the weekend to ensure the success of the tournament, Jenny Moylan for catering and keeping everyone fed over the whole weekend and Jo Hogan for spending considerable time serving in the canteen , Mick Bailey for supplying the meat for the Sunday morning BBQ and for cooking the BBQ for a number of hours

• Broke even thanks largely to the raffle efforts of Richard Horlock who works tirelessly at making our tournaments a huge success both in terms of the raffles and sponsors but also for arranging the invitational open players – a magnificent effort

• Continuing success of the March tournament relies on the contributions of committee, other volunteers and players alike and we seem to be going from strength to strength with ours so a huge vote of thanks to everyone concerned

Other tournaments

• The Bega Challenge has been run for the past 2 years and is scheduled again for July this year in Bega. So far the honours are evenly divided so the Rashes have changed hands and we are now the custodians

• We now also have – but very much in its fledgling stages – a Masters/Pollies Challenge. Arranged mostly through the efforts of Mal Riley with Kate Lundy – Senator for the ACT – at Parliament House.

• Kate has also offered to help wherever she can with our planning, sponsorship seeking and funding for the 2013 National Championships and she has also agreed to be a Champion for Masters Squash in the ACT. We will be working closely with Kate over the next two years in particular getting ready for 2013


• Thanks to Richard and Mal for all their efforts getting sponsors

• This is very important work with the 2013 National Championships fast approaching. The cost of running a tournament of that magnitude is huge and all the sponsorships we are gathering together go a long way not only to helping regular comps but also the March Tournaments and its our hope that these sponsors will continue to partner with us right through to the 2013 championships and beyond

• We are still on the lookout for a naming rights sponsor for 2013 and the sub-committee is focussed on that as well as all the other work required to host such an event

• We currently have a number of key sponsors including:

o Rolfe Mazda

o Travel Associates

o Bond 5

o The Real Estate Shop

o Lube Express

o Simpson’s Optometry

o Roger Keft Auto

o Anytime Towing

o Trugolds

o Deli Mart

o Hawker Bakery

o Mick Bayley Kitchens (Sunday barbecue at the March Tournament)

Home courts for Masters

• National Centre – we are being provided with a club room (albeit shared with other sports using the centre) the courts are being repaired ahead of a major refurbishment in the coming period of time.

Next Comp

• National Centre and Woden on Monday nights

• Woden and Weston Creek Wednesday nights

2013 National Championships

• I have spoken a bit about 2013 but its worth just making the point that there is a huge amount of work to be done in the next 12-18 months in particular in preparation for the championships.

• The committee is likely to approach people with particular skills to provide some help with elements of the work that may need to be done; graphic design, desktop publishing, signage, marketing and promotion and the like come to mind.

• If you have skills and would like to be involved in the planning and preparation please don’t hesitate to chat with someone on the committee and make it known

Nomination for Life Membership

• Ron Smith


Phil Kowalick

President ACT Masters Squash Association Inc.