AGM Minutes 2013

Minutes of AGM in PDF




ON MONDAY 8 APRIL 2013 AT 10.00 PM


Present:         Karreen Watt, Ken Fife, Michael De Nardi, Lynda Hancock, Denis Mettam, Martin Shannon, Linda Shannon, Fran Wilson, Robert Dunlop, Anthony Ryan, Ziggy Kominek, Russell Weatherburn, Brian Dunkley, Peter Campbell, Waine Summerfield, George Komorowski, Chris Winkler, Ron Smith, Sue Parker, Chad Addison, Richard Fry, Rhonda Fry, Vicki Caban, Jo Fehervani, Jenny Moylan, Peter Howman, Jeanette Williamson, Debbie Sims, Nicole Lawder, Ron Bates, Sofia Majewski, David Baussmann, Frank Cassidy, Scott Caban, Keith Wallace, Julie Medway, Gerry Vassallo, Donna Chalmers, Mike Hogan, Richard Horlock.

Apologies:     Celia McKew, Tania Hancock, Elaine Pugh, Cheryl McQuillan, Des Rowley, Desley Rowley, Ben Zyla, Brian Cady.

  • 1.             WELCOME
  • The President opened the meeting at 10.09 pm and welcomed all to the 2013 AGM.

  • Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 26 March 2012 were previously circulated to members via the website and copies were available at the meeting.

    It was resolved (Lawder/Majewski) that the Minutes be accepted as a true and accurate record of the Annual General Meeting held on 26 March 2012.

  • 3.             BUSINESS ARISING
  • Nil.

  • 4.             PRESIDENT’S REPORT
  • The President thanked everyone for participating in Masters and thanked the outgoing Committee for their work and support throughout the year.  He reported on the 2013 March Tournament which was very successful and thanked the Tournament Director, Ron Smith and his band of helpers, for their work.  He said this year the ACT is hosting, not only the Australian Masters Squash Championships, but also the Trans Tasman Test Series.  The playing venues will be Woden Squash Courts, Weston Creek and Dickson for any overflow.  He said it will be a very busy year with many challenges ahead.  A copy of the President’s report is attached to these Minutes.

    It was resolved (Caban/Watt) that the President’s report be accepted.

  • 5.             TREASURER’S REPORT
  • The President called upon Ron Smith to present the Treasurer’s report and audited statements for the 2012 year.  Ron Smith spoke to the report attached to these minutes. Copies of the audited financial statements were available at the meeting.  He noted that sponsorship is making a significant contribution to Masters and asked players to support the sponsors as Masters will receive a commission.  In respect of the 2013 March tournament he said it ran at a profit of $5,000.  He thanked Richard Horlock for looking after the raffles and Jenny Moylan and Mike de Nardi for all the catering.

    It was resolved (Smith/Cassidy) that the Treasurer’s report for the year ending 2012 be accepted.

  • 6.             ELECTION OF OFFICE-BEARERS FOR 2013
  • The President vacated the chair and called upon Mark Young to be the Returning Officer.

    The Returning Officer declared all positions vacant and moved a vote of thanks to the whole Committee.  He called for nominations for executive and committee positions as follows:

    President: there was one nomination for President – Scott Caban.  Scott was elected unopposed.

    Vice President: There were no nominations for Vice-President.  The Returning Officer called for nominations from the floor.  No nominations were forthcoming.  The position of Vice-President was left vacant.

    Treasurer: there was only one nomination for Treasurer – Ron Smith.  Ron was elected unopposed.

    Secretary: There was only one nomination for Secretary – Debbie Sims.  Debbie was elected unopposed.


    The following committee members were all declared elected unopposed.

    Linda Barich

    Wayne Bell

    Geoff Coggins

    Lynda Hancock

    Tania Hancock

    Richard Horlock

    Penny Neuendorf

    Sue Parker

    Mark Young congratulated the new committee and called upon the membership to get behind the committee and thanked them for their work.

    Scott Caban took the chair and thanked Mark for acting as Returning Officer.

  • 7.             APPOINTMENT OF AN AUDITOR
  • The Treasurer moved that Mr Malcolm Prentice be appointed as the ACT Masters Squash Inc’s Auditor for the year ending 31 December 2013.  Seconded by Donna Chalmers.  Motion carried.

  • 8.             GENERAL BUSINESS
  • Frank Cassidy noted that Don Price, a former ANU squash player, was one of the CSIRO scientists killed in a recent helicopter crash.

    There being no further business the President closed the meeting at 10.39pm.