2019 Annual General Meeting Minutes – Draft

2019 AGM Draft Minutes


8 April 2019 (10pm)

Woden Club Rooms


Present:  Scott Caban, George Komorowski, Betty Summerfield, Hetty Van der Zwel, Frank Cassidy, John Tasker, Ron Smith, Frank Cortes, Rhonda Fry, Richard Fry, Helen Potter, Simon Aungle, Jeff Michael, Chad Addison, Mick Bayley, Chris Robb, Brent Carlisle, Michelle Farrell, Danny Castro, Victor Holubinshyj, Des Chin, Jenny Moylan, Michael De Nardi, Mark Young, Tania Hancock, Trevor Smith, Kevin Ford, Clare Maunder, Donna Hewitt, Ron Bates, Michael Barrett, Amy Stevens, Denis Mettam, Heather Campbell.


Apologies: Julie Medway, Sue Parker.



Mark Young opened the meeting, thanks those in attendance and ran through the agenda.



Minutes of the AGM held on 9 April 2017 were previously circulated to members at the meeting.


It was resolved that the Minutes be accepted as a true and accurate record of the AGM held on 9 April 2017. (Moved Richard Fry, seconded Ron Smith).






The President provided an update on the year to date. The key points included:


  • The 2019 Summer Competition has seen an increase in player numbers resulting in the need to re-establish four person teams,
  • The fantastic turnout at the March Tournament, which was also the 40th Anniversary celebration for ACT Masters Squash. The tournament had a record 198 players participating over the weekend as well as 33 people playing golf and 42 people playing lawn bowls on the Friday afternoon before the tournament. There was also a record 199 people who attended the Saturday night dinner at Old Parliament House, and
  • Masters will be trialling a 7pm start time for the 2019 Winter competition,
  • Mark thanked all the current sponsors for their ongoing support, and the current committee and other volunteers for the enormous amount of work they do to make ACT Masters such a successful association.


A full copy of the President’s Report is at Appendix A.



The Treasurer provided a summary of his Report, noting the financial statements of the Association have been audited by Luana King at no charge to the Association.


It was resolved (proposed Ron Smith and seconded Scott Caban) that the Treasurer’s Report for the year ending 31 December 2018 be accepted.


A full copy of the Treasurer’s Report is at Appendix B.


A full copy of the Financial Statements is held within Dropbox (Titled: 2019 AGM -Financial Statements for the year ended 31 December 2018).




The President vacated the chair and called upon Frank Cassidy to be the Returning Officer.


The Returning Officer declared all positions vacant.  He called for nominations for the Executive and Committee positions as follows:


President: there were two nomination for President – Scott Caban and Richard Fry. Both nominees were provided three minutes to address the meeting and to inform members why they would be the most suitable candidate. At the end of their allotted time, a secret ballot was undertaken. The resulting votes were counted by Frank Cassidy and witnessed by Mark Young. Scott Caban received the majority of votes and was declared the new President.


Vice President: there was one nomination for Vice President.  Alan Martin nominated by Ron Smith, seconded by Sue Parker. Elected unopposed.


Treasurer: there was one nomination for Treasurer.  Ron Smith nominated by Sue Parker, seconded Denis Mettam. Elected unopposed.


Secretary: there was one nomination for Secretary.  Julie Medway nominated by Ron Smith, seconded by Sue Parker. Elected unopposed.


Committee Members: the following committee members were all declared elected:

  • Michael Barrett, nominated by Mark Young and seconded by Julie Medway
  • Sue Parker, nominated by Julie Medway and seconded by Ron Smith
  • Heather Campbell, nominated by Ron Smith and seconded by Sue Parker
  • Denis Mettam, nominated by Heather Campbell and seconded by Ron Smith
  • Richard Fry, nominated by Chad Addison and seconded by Ron Smith.


Additional Committee Members can be accepted in the future if required.


Scott took the Chair as President and thanked Frank Cassidy for acting as the Returning Officer.



The Treasurer proposed that Luana King be appointed for the year ending 31 December 2019, seconded by George Komorowski.  Motion carried.




8.1 Hand-in Hand-out vs Point-a-Rally


A list of members who provide a proxy vote is at Appendix C. A summary of the proxy votes and votes counted from the floor are contained in the below table:


  Proxy votes AGM votes Total
Option 1: Point-A-Rally (PAR) 23 16 39
Option 2: Hand-in-Hand-out 6 12 18


The proposed change to PAR scoring (to 15 points) was agreed by a majority of 39 to 18 votes.


8.2 Financial support for Squash ACT


Denis Mettam voiced his view that consideration be given to providing some financial support to Squash ACT in its plans to improve the heating at Woden Squash Centre. Denis is of the view that participation rates for future winter competitions would increase if the centre was better heated and as one of the major users of the Centre, ACT Masters Squash should consider providing some financial support.


Ron Smith indicated that this type of issue should more appropriately be considered by the Masters Committee and that it should also be noted that Masters is already one of the major financial contributors to the centre.


The AGM was closed at 10:52 pm.



2019 ACT Masters Squash AGM – President’s Report


It has been a big year for ACT Masters Squash. We have seen a rise in the number of players participating in this year’s Summer competition – which has required us to revert to four person teams for both Monday and Wednesday nights. We also had an amazing response to our March Championships, at which we celebrated the 40th Anniversary of Masters Squash in the ACT.


There were 205 players register to play. With a few late withdrawals, there were 198 people playing squash over the weekend (compared to 146 in 2018). We also trialled a golf and bowls day on the Friday, at which we had 33 people playing golf and 42 people playing bowls at Yowani Country Club, with very positive feedback from everybody involved.


If anybody wasn’t at the dinner at Old Parliament House on the Saturday night, you really need to go to the Masters website and have a look at some of the incredible outfits people wore, re-living the 1979 start of ACT Masters Squash.


The March Tournament is also the event at which the Keith Jones Memorial Award is presented by Keith’s wife Judy. This year’s very deserving recipient was Ron Smith. I think you would all agree that Ron is one of the untiring forces behind us being such a successful organisation. Please join me in congratulating Ron on his tireless contribution to both ACT and Australian Masters Squash.


ACT Masters will also be strongly represented this year at the Australian Masters Squash Championships, which will be held on the Gold Coast in September (a much warmer venue than Hobart or Ballart – the last two location). If anybody would like to attend the Championships, they should let a committee member know. If they would like to take advantage of some great accommodation deals that the committee has been able to arrange, they should ensure they contact Sue Parker as soon as possible.


With the increased numbers that are participating in our current summer competition, the issue of starting earlier has again been raised by players. We have previously changed to a 7pm start time in 2014, when we were forced to have five person teams at Weston Creek. To try to ensure an earlier finish for players and to better determine the impact an earlier start will have, we will be trialling a 7pm start for the upcoming Winter Competition. It is important to remember that all players don’t need to be at the courts at 7pm, but it is important to ensure you have a match-up so play can start on time.


As always, our sponsors have provided fantastic support to Masters Squash. I would ask that every join me in acknowledging the great support that we have received from our sponsors:


  • PS News (Frank)
  • Rolfe Mazda (Jeremy & Alex)
  • Valley View Kitchens (Mick)
  • Total Traction Services (Michael)
  • The Real Estate Shop (Jeremy)
  • Robinson & McGuiness (Kevin)
  • Bricklayer (Richard)
  • Capital Anxiety Clinic (Antoinette)
  • Blossoms of Chisholm’s (Tania)
  • Jim’s Fencing (Kevin)

On a personal note, I would like to let everybody know that I won’t be re-nominating for the position of President. An ongoing injury has forced me to make some very difficult decisions and if I continued playing squash, it’s highly likely I would end up having a knee that looks like Ron’s – which isn’t something anybody would wish for.


During my time as President, I have been amazed at the time and effort that the members of the committee put in to making our squash competitions and tournaments so enjoyable. They are without doubt, the best committee I have even been involved with and it is not just the formal committee that is so integral to our success, but also people like Jenny, Michael and Richard. Collectively, this group does an enormous amount of work to make Masters such a strong and well run association.


I would like you to join me in thanking them for all for their amazing and ongoing efforts.


Thank you everyone and keep enjoying your squash.


Mark Young

President, ACT Masters Squash

8 April 2019



Proxy votes for Point-a-Rally vs Hand-in-Hand-Out


Player (Proxy vote) In Favour of PAR Not in Favour of PAR
Alex Swalling 1
Chris Rob 1
Waine Summerfield 1
Vicki Kitchen 1
Vicki Caban 1
Les Hughes 1
Desmond Rowley 1
Mark Bowen 1
Donna Hewitt 1
Paul Sweeney 1
Lorraine Rae 1
Nev Sheather 1
Antoinette Harmer 1
Luana King 1
Adrian Dennis 1
Gerard Orr 1
Ryan Harris 1
Sue Parker 1
Peter Kerr 1
Edwina Mulhern 1
Kevin Yeardon 1
Adam Chad 1
Elaine Gray 1
Alison Fry 1
Alan Brownlee 1
Frank Cortes 1
Paul Carberry 1
Chris Butler 1
Michael Nuttal 1
Total 23 6
AGM Attendees 16 12
TOTAL 39 18