2014 Annual General Meeting Minutes – Draft

Minutes in PDF Format





ON MONDAY 24 MARCH 2014 AT 10.00 PM

 Present:         Lynda Hancock, Mick Bayley, Tania Hancock, Peter Campbell, Jeanette Williamson, Joanne Terry, Vicki Caban, Jo Hogan, Sue Virgona, Chad Addison, Keith Wallace, Linda Barich, Alan Martin, Rhonda Fry, Mike Hogan, Dennis Mettam, Donna Chalmers, Debbie Sims, Jenny Moylan, Ron Smith, Garry Poole, Sue Parker, Trevor Smith, Waine Summerfield, Betty Summerfield, Greg Frewin, Melissa Prentice, Shane McKeown, Gerry Vassallo, Frank Cassidy, Scott Caban, David Baussman, Anthony Ryan, Mark Young, George Komorowski, Mike De Nardi

Apologies:     Celia McKew, Luana King

 1.             WELCOME

The President opened the meeting at 10.05 pm and welcomed all to the 2014 AGM.

2.             MINUTES

The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 8 April 2013 were uploaded to the Association’s website prior to the meeting.

It was resolved (Bayley/Vicki Caban) that the Minutes be accepted as an accurate record of the meeting held 8 April 2013.

 3.             PRESIDENT’S REPORT

 The President tabled his report.  The highlights of which include:

  •  Kicked off the year with a fantastic weekend of squash and fun in Bega, competing for the Rashes.  Although the ACT was soundly beaten then, he said the ACT was hopeful of regaining the Rashes this year when Bega comes to town.
  • Masters continues to run 3 competitions a year.  A recruitment drive was undertaken at the end of 2013 and as a result Masters picked up a number of new players.
  • He said the biggest challenge facing Masters in 2013 was the hosting of the Australian Masters Squash Championships and, for the first time, the Trans Tasman Test Series.  Australia was successful in winning all three tests against New Zealand.  700 participants competed over the two week period of the Australian Championships.  He thanked all the volunteers involved in the lead up to, and during, the Championships for their hard work.  In particular he singled out Sue Parker, Ron Smith and Debbie Sims who were the driving force behind the Championships.
  • He said the March tournament was held earlier this month.  Again it was a great success and thanks go to Ron Smith as the Tournament Director.  Although numbers were down on previous years, it was still a very successful tournament.  The Keith Jones Memorial Award was presented to Jenny Moylan for her contribution to Masters Squash, in particular during the Championships when she and her team undertook the catering requirements for the Trans Tasman Test and the two weeks of the Championships.
  • The President then acknowledged all the sponsors of Masters.
  • In summing up he thanked all members of the outgoing committee for their work during the year.  He said he was not standing for re-election due to the uncertainty surrounding his work commitments.

It was resolved (Bayley/Moylan) that the President’s report be accepted.

4.             TREASURER’S REPORT

The Treasurer presented his report on the audited financial statements for the Association for the year ended 31 December 2013.  Copies are available on request.

He thanked all of the sponsors:  Alucom, Rolfe Mazda, Infront, Travel Associates, Simpson Optometry, Real Estate Shop and Visual Q.  He announced that ACT Light Control (Greg Frewin) was now on board as a sponsor of Masters.

He said the highlight of the year was the Australian Masters Squash Championships held from 2-13 September 2013.  He said the final result was a profit of $22,703.  He said a significant contribution to the profit was the $20,000 grant from the ACT Event Funding Progam and in-kind sponsorship totaling $14,160.

The Treasurer expressed his thanks to the committee and to all those involved in making the Championships the success it was.

He noted that the total number of players in Masters had declined from 509 to 452 over the three competitions last year as did the number of reserves – 188 to 145.  As a result there has been a decline in receipts from competition fees, reserve fees and raffle proceeds.

It was resolved (Smith/Cassidy) that the Treasurer’s report for the year ending 2013 be accepted.


 The President vacated the Chair and called upon Mr Frank Cassidy to come forward as Returning Officer.

Mr Cassidy declared all positions vacant and moved a vote of thanks to the outgoing committee.  He called for nominations for executive and committee positions:

President:  there was one nomination for President – Mark Young.  Mark was elected unopposed.


Vice President:  there was one nomination for Vice President – Alan Martin.  Alan was elected unopposed.

Secretary:  there was one nomination for Secretary – Chad Addison.  Chad was elected unopposed.

Treasurer:  there was one nomination for Treasurer – Ron Smith.  Ron was elected unopposed.

Committee:  The following committee members were elected unopposed:

Linda Barich                           Penny Neuendorf

Tania Hancock                        Melissa Prentice

Scott Caban                            Sue Parker

Lynda Hancock

Mr Young took the Chair and thanked those committee members not standing for re-election for their contribution to Masters.  He noted that Masters was in a very good financial position and was very good at what it does.


 The Treasurer moved that Mr Malcolm Prentice be appointed as the ACT Masters Squash Inc’s Auditor for the year ending 31 December 2014.  Seconded Donna Chalmers.  Motion carried.

7.             GENERAL BUSINESS

Ms Barich raised the possibility of holding the Annual General Meeting on a Sunday which could be followed by a game of squash.  It was agreed to put a notice in Handout and send out an email calling for responses to the proposal.


The meeting closed at 10.35 pm.