Notice of Annual General Meeting 2020 – Postponed


We wish to keep you informed regarding ACT Masters Squash (ACTMSA) operations being impacted by the Corona Virus (COVID-19). This message is short but should cover all components of our operations that affect us currently. We don’t know when we will be able to resume competitions.

Annual General Meeting

We are not able to hold the AGM on Monday 06 April 2020 due to several restrictions. However, we have sought approval from the Office of Regulatory Services to postpone the AGM until the COVID-19 restrictions are over. In the meantime, we can provide you with all the papers for the AGM for your perusal. Please find attached:

  • Agenda,
  • Draft Meeting Minutes from 2019 AGM,
  • Nomination Form,
  • President’s Report,
  • Latest Financial Statements – the Treasurers Report is not yet available as the final audit is not due to be completed until 6 April 2020.

You will be informed when we propose to hold the AGM.  Pending approval from the ACT Government to postpone our AGM (which we consider will not be an issue), the committee will remain unchanged.  The important thing to note is that there are no financial matters in the foreseeable future that require outgoing monies from ACTMSA.  We are effectively in a holding pattern until such time as we can continue normal operations.


Autumn 2020 Competitions

Competitions have been suspended until such time as we are given permission to resume our activities by the Australian Government.  Courts have already been paid for by ACTMSA; however, courts have been closed as part of the lockdown. Once courts have been reopened players are welcome to use Woden, Dickson, and Weston courts during normal competition times for social play.

ACTMSA Winter Competition

At this stage it is unclear as to whether or not we will be running the Winter competition.  Until the Australian Government removes the restrictions on indoor sports centres, we are unable to commit to this going ahead.

Refund of fees for Autumn Competition/Credit

There are two options for refunding/crediting of fees paid for the now suspended competition.  Firstly is a refund of fees for the remainder of weeks not played.  The other option is to apply a credit for the unplayed weeks towards your next competition.  Applying the credit is the preferred option, however please speak to Ron Smith if you wish a refund.  For those people who have not yet paid their competition fees, you owe ACTMSA for the first six weeks played – $72.00.  If by some miracle the centres are re-opened prior to the current competition winding up, we may recommence play.  Given there are only nine weeks left (including finals), this is unlikely to happen.



The RASHES had been scheduled for 13 June 2020 in Bega.  The Bega committee is keen to see this proceed. However, at this stage it is suspended and we will reassess towards the end of May.


Advice has been received from NSWMSA that they have cancelled all tournaments until the end of July 2020.  This means Bega, DGen, Dural (State Titles) and Bomaderry are all off.  NSWMSA will advise of any further cancellations as they become known.

Poland – World Masters Squash Championships – Wroclaw – August 2020

At this stage, the Polish organising committee has not made a decision to cancel or postpone the World Masters Championships.  AMSA has agreed that it will not recommend or encourage any action that puts the health of our squash players at risk – even for the World Championships.  AMSA has therefore agreed that the AMSA subcommittee will reassess the situation as further developments unfold.  However, the subcommittee will have insufficient time to continue with its work even if Poland goes ahead and therefore is effectively disbanded.

AMSA Championships – Adelaide – October 2020

The AMSA President will soon be talking to the South Australian President to discuss the likelihood of the Championships proceeding.  At this stage, the AMSA Executive will convene another teleconferencing hook up towards the end of May when we hope the situation will be much clearer.  I will advise you as soon as a decision has been made by the AMSA Executive.

We all look forward to returning to our game.  If you should have any questions regarding the above, please reach out to any of the committee members.

Please look after yourselves.

Scott Caban





Hi all

As you would be aware, the AGM for ACT Masters Squash has been scheduled for Monday 6 April 2020 at 10pm at Woden courts.  Given that the current competition has been suspended, the Committee has decided to move the AGM to 6:30pm on the same evening at the same venue.  Nomination forms were posted at all three centres, however people may not have had a chance to get their names down if they wish to nominate for the Committee.  If you would like to nominate for the Committee, please respond to this email with your nomination.

The courts at all three centres – Woden, Weston Creek, and Dickson – are still booked for Masters on Monday and Wednesday nights.  This means Masters players can attend the centres from 7pm onwards and play social squash without having to pay court hire.  After the AGM, there will be six courts available at Woden for anyone wanting to have a social hit.

Please find attached AGM papers for your perusal:

  • Agenda
  • 2019 draft Meeting Minutes
  • Nomination Form
  • President’s Report

Scott Caban




Notice is hereby given of the Annual General Meeting of the ACT Masters Squash Association Incorporated.




6 April 2020 – 6:30 pm

Woden Club Rooms

Launceston Street Woden ACT



Scott Caban


ACT Masters Squash Inc


05 March 2020