ACT Masters 2018 Results

See some pictures below and lots more in the gallery thanks to Heather Campbell

Presentations – ACT 2018 ACT Masters Championships
Event Award Awarded to
(1) Mens Open Winner Howie Johns
Runner Up David White
(2) Mens Division 2 Winner Sarah Nelson
Runner Up Brad Clark
Third/Special plate Peter Chang
Plate Doug Rogan
(3) Mens Division 3 Winner Dave Fuller
Runner Up Gary Cowan
Third/Special plate Ross Francis
Plate Daryl Murada
(4) Mens Division 4 Winner Sebastian Schnek
Runner Up Garry Irwin
Third/Special plate Michael McDonald
Plate Don Barnes
(5) Mens Division 5 Winner Paul Miller
Runner Up Tim Toohey
Third/Special plate John Smit
Plate Bruce Morgan
(6) Mens Division 6 Winner Michael  Nuttall
Runner Up Scott Harrison
Third/Special plate John Chapman
Plate Martin Shannon
(7) Mens division 7 Winner Michael Barrett
Runner Up Cole Wells
Third/Special plate Alan Brownlee
Plate Con Constantinou
(8) Mens Division 8 Winner Grant Davis
Runner Up Tony Bullman
Third/Special plate Loris Udovisi
Plate Danny Castro
(9) Mens Division 9 Winner Dennis Curtis
Runner Up Geoff Hunter
Third/Plate Ron Smith
(10) Mens Division 10 Winner Baden Edwards
Runner Up Michael Barnes
Third/Plate Luis Lopez
(11) Mens Division 11 Winner Bob Hood
Runner Up John Tasker
(12) Mens Division 12 Winner Aaron Chuah
Runner Up Steve Pile
(13) Womens Open Winner Lorraine Rae
Runner Up Lisa Matthews
(14) Womens Division 2 Winner Marisa Zavattaro
Runner Up Laney LashBrook-Gough
Third/Special plate Sue Parker
Plate Karreen Watt
(15) Womens Division 3 Winner Paula Smith
Runner Up Jan Grant
(16) Womens Division 4 Winner Patricia Nunn
Runner Up Janelle Curtis
Third/Special plate Donna Hewitt
Plate Shane Lamprey
(17) Womens Division 5 Winner Debbie Bryant
Runner Up Karen Bishop
Third/Special plate Jackie Cousins
Plate Vicki Kitchen
(18) Womens Division 6 Winner Beverley King
Runner Up Dianne Walters
Third/Plate Janelle Wilson





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