Monday Results Spring 2017

Winners – Mick Bayley, Tania Hancock and Sue Virgona
Runners-up – Shane McKeown, Sharon Blyton and Edwina Mulhearn
Mugs – Steve Lindner, Bob Russell (reserve for Aaron Chuah), Louise Russell
Winners – Jim Foley, Brent Carlisle and Michelle Francis-Kerr
Runners-up – Michael Barrett, Sue Parker and Sommer Sherwood
Mugs – Mike de Nardi (reserve for Julie Medway), Scott Caban and Alison Fry
Valley View Kitchens:
     Winners – Rob Wade, Danny Castro and Barbara Carberry
     Runners-up – Lorraine Rae, Chad Addison and Vicki Kitchen
     Mugs – Donna Chalmers, Karina Sommers and Elaine Grey
PS News:
     Winners – Greg Wild, Keith Wallace and Elaine Pugh
     Runners-up – Mark Bowen, Helen Potter and Jane Cottam-Manning
     Mugs – Frank Cassidy [Richard Fry reserving], Amy Stevens and Adam Chad.