AMSA Championships in Darwin Teams

The Australian Masters Squash Championships for 2016 have finished.  ACT had two winning teams with Alan Brownlee, Clare Maunder and Karreen Watt winning Division 9 and Paul Thompson, Donna Hewitt and Edwina Mulhearn winning Division 18.  All the results are on the NT Masters website Teams Draws and Results

alankarreen-001  pauldonnaedwina-001


For the first time this year, a doubles tournament was held on the Sunday before the teams competition began and the ACT had the winners in the 65+ competition (average ages) and the runners-up in the 35-44 competition.  Congratulations to John Forrest and Sue Parker and Kathy Matheson and Evan Williams.

kathyevan-001 suejohn-001

Everyone enjoyed the friendly atmosphere at these modern air-conditioned courts and there was plenty to enjoy off the courts as well.  The Territorians were a little over-confident about the “dry” season and the masquerade ball on the lawns of the casino was rained out at 10:30 pm.  This didn’t stop a large portion of the crowd moving inside to surprise a two-piece band with their enthusiasm.

donnachad-001 edwinadonnafrank-001 frankdesleighdenis-001 garyadamgeoff-001 jane-001 ronbates-001 suescottbrent

There are many more photos in our photo gallery mainly thanks to Joe Mihaly of WA and there are plenty on the Victorian masters website as well.