Results of Monday Summer Competition 2014

At Dickson:

Rolfe Mazda Winners Team 1
Donna Chalmers
Richard Fry
Hetty Van der Zwet
Cheryl McQuillan

Runners up Team 3
Brian Dunkley
Eddie Packham
Sue Virgona
Adela Salter

Mugs Team 5
Gary Moore
Frank Cassidy
Edwina Mulhearn
Desley Rowley

Simpson Optometry Winners Team 7
Gary Hampson
Allan Brownlee
Vicki Caban
Jo Hogan

Runners up Team 11
Scott Andison
Mike de Nardi
Peter Campbell
Tonina Lazaro

Mugs Team 9
Steve Linder
Gary Fan
Patricia Nunn
Forfeit at line 4

At Woden:

Infront Winners Team 14
Kathy Matheson
Martin McQuire
Peter Howman
Penny Neuendorf/Joy Dauth

Runners up Team 17
Denis Mettam
Miguel Carrasco
Vicki Kitchen
Barbara Carberry

Mugs Team 15
Ted Kaminski
Keith Wallace
Jeanette Williamson
Bill Daszczyk

Travel Associates Winners Team 22
Evan Williams
Mark Bowen
Helen Potter
Joanne Terry

Runners up Team 20
Mick Bayley
Sue Parker
Gerry Bassallo
Cathy Walters

Mugs Team 24
Greg Frewin
Melissa Prentice
Waine Summerfield
Betty Summerfield

There are more photos in the photo gallery.

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