ACT wins Rashes

Bega Rashes

It was a rainy Canberra morning on the 5th April when the mighty Bega challengers arrived, holding the gold trophy aloft. The skiting, boasting and polishing did not go unnoticed by the ACT masters.  The clashes started with the young spritely Begans running rings around the ACT Masters but don’t be deceived, the sneaky, cheeky Masters had age and experience on their side.  Letting them run themselves into the ground as they placed their shots to win the majority of the games.

The battle armour came off and was replaced with the glad rags for a break in the battle and a night of merriment on the pirate boat.  With the challengers from both sides on board, the boat sailed around the beautiful lake Burley Griffin.  The liquid courage and pole skills flowed in abundance.  A good time was had by all with a special mention to Craig from Bega for rising to the pole challenge.  I am glad to say that the challengers all disembarked with no apparent injuries.
The battle had a slow start on the 6th April with the extra hour sleep not enough for some of the challengers.  ACT Masters continued to storm home and win the rashes back from the mighty Begans with a score of 57 ½ to 31 ½.  After the a speech from the new Vice President Alan Martin who thanked Scott (Manning the desk), Sue Parker (social activities director), Tanya Hancock (trophies), Richard Horlock (BBQ), Lynda Hancock (keeping the drinks flowing) and the challengers for their efforts and travel.

The Bega Captain Dennis Curtis somewhat graciously handed over the Rashes Trophy to Alan.  The day ended with the Begans heading off with their tails tucked between their legs for the long drive home and the mighty ACT Masters roaring their victory to the rafters.  A great time was had by all and we are all looking forward to travelling to Bega next year to keep hold of the Rashes trophy.