ACT Masters Championships Results 2014



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Presentations – 2014 ACT March Championships
Event Award Awarded to
(1) Men’s Open Winner Jeff Bond
Runner Up Howard Johns
Third/Plate Tony Whackett
Consolation plate Shane Gurney
(2) Men’s Division 2 Winner Shane McKeown
Runner Up Alex Swalling
Third/Special plate Mark Young
Plate Dale Michell
Consolation plate Sarah Nelson
(3) Men’s Division 3 Winner Lorraine Rae
Runner Up Phil Grant
Third/Plate Eddie Estevao
Consolation plate Brian Cady
(4) Men’s Division 4 Winner Scott Andison
Runner Up Mark Allison
Third/Special plate Cliff Pistorius
Plate Steve Sammut
Consolation plate Jim Foley
(5) Men’s Division 5 Winner John Rossi
Runner Up Wally Guerreiro
Third/Special plate Haydn Daly
Plate John Chapman
Consolation plate Simon Smith
(6) Men’s Division 6 Winner Zip Summerall
Runner Up Grant Fraser
Third/Special plate Jim Walton
Plate Greg Garrett
Consolation plate Stephen Fry
(7) Men’s Division 7 Winner Barry Werth
Runner Up Cole Wells
Third/Special plate Michael Nuttall
Plate Bruce Morgan
Consolation plate Geoff Coggins
(8) Men’s Division 8 Winner Greg Chamberlain
Runner Up Bruce Walters
Third/Special plate Robert Blacker
Plate Shayne Gadd
Consolation plate
(9) Men’s Division 9 Winner Martin Shannon
Runner Up Terry Scanlon
Third/Special plate Mick Haigh
Plate John Forrest
Consolation plate Dennis Curtis
(10) Men’s Division 10 Winner Stewart Green
Runner Up Peter Kerr
Third/Special plate Lindsay Ashby
Plate Frank Cassidy
Consolation plate Luis Lopez
(11) Men’s Division 11 Winner Bill Spaven
Runner Up Paul Thompson
Third/Plate Peter Campbell
Consolation plate Jeff Winter
(12) Men’s Division 12 Winner Chris Winkler
Runner Up Des  Rowley
Third/Plate Bert Edwards
(13) Women’s Division 1 Winner Kathryn Matheson
Runner Up Ros Dixon
Third/Special plate Julie Medway
Plate Moya Sambuco
Consolation plate Michele Pile
(14) Women’s Division 2 Winner Joanne Perkins
Runner Up Jan Grant
Third/Plate Catherine Roppa
Consolation plate Sue Parker
(15) Women’s Division 3 Winner Tanya Bailey
Runner Up Lynda Hancock
Third/Special plate Tania Hancock
Plate Katie Totaro
Consolation plate Luana King
(16) Women’s Division 4 Winner Claudia Krebs
Runner Up Cathy Pemberton
Third/Special plate Janelle Curtis
Plate Leanne Heyhorn
Consolation plate Vicki Kitchen
(17) Women’s Division 5 Winner Penny Neuendorf
Runner Up Rhonda Fry
Third/Special plate Elaine Pugh
Plate Jeannette Williamson
Consolation plate Sue Hodgson
(18) Women’s Division 6 Winner Dianne Walters
Runner Up Monica Rigby
Third/Plate Linda Shannon

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