Wednesday Night Results Summer 2013



Real Estate Shop:

1st v 2nd Team 1 v Team 3:

Winners – Team 3 – Phil Kowalick, John Carter, Bill Spaven and Penny Neueudorf.

Runners-up – Team 1 – Wade Williams, Michael De Nardi – Sue Cox (for Susan Briggs) and Bill Daszczyk.

Mugs: playoff between Teams 4 and 8.

Winners – Team 8 – Alan Martin(for Steve Hall) – Phil Donges – Sue Virgona and Lou Rizzello( for Rodney Marsh).

Visual Q:

1st v 2nd Team 9 v Team 14:

Winners – Team 9 – Karreen Watt, John Forrest, Jeremy Redgrove and Stewart Brooker.

Runners-up – Michael Nuttall, Paul Thompson, Tania Hancock and Rhonda Fry.

Mugs: playoff between teams 11 and 13.

Winners – Team 13 – Richard Fry, Sue Parker, John Burke and Michael Moon(for Nicole Lawder).


and Ken Fry played his last full comp before returning to the USA